Cyberpunk 2077: The 5 Easiest (& 5 Hardest) Cyberpsychos

Cyberpsychosis in Cyberpunk 2077 is a known and extremely dangerous condition that can happen to anyone with enough cybernetics. People with cyberpsychosis, or cyberpsychos, turn into incredibly powerful and ruthless monsters with absolutely no self-preservation. They’ll attack anyone and anything in their path and laugh while doing it.

So, of course, CD Projekt Red put them into the game as difficult boss battles. Scattered across the city and the badlands, players can stumble across them or find gigs in which they must put the psychos down. But not every cyberpsycho is difficult, just like how not every cyberpsycho is easy. So, here’s a list giving everyone a heads up on the easiest and hardest cyberpsychos in Cyberpunk 2077.

10 EASY: Lt. Mower

Lt. Mower is a Militech agent who was just another victim of the corporation. She can be found in Act 1 of the game and is a pretty tame but exciting introduction to cyberpsychos. She can be found in Watson in a remote courtyard that’s been cordoned off by Militech vehicles, so just be on the lookout for that, and she’ll be easy to spot.

What makes her so easy is that she can be easily dispatched with just V’s fists. Though she will try to shoot at you with a pistol, more than likely, she will just charge V with her own fists. Depending on what the player’s playstyle is, they need only run around the edge of the courtyard and pellet her with bullets until she falls.

9 HARD: Zaria Hughes

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Zaria Hughes can also be found in the early game, but she’s a lot harder. As the boss battle of the Bloody Ritual side mission, the player can find her on the upper side of Watson. However, if players are not careful, they can easily be taken out in just a few hits.

With her mantis blades, she’ll use her speed to rush the player and start a four-hit multi-attack. This is guaranteed to be an instakill for players. Her gun is only a little better as it might not be an instakill but it does have a burn damage modifier that will drain health quickly.

8 EASY: Matt Liaw

Matt Liaw can also be found in Watson, but unlike the two previous cyberpsychos, he prefers a ranged approach. He’s a sniper that can be found on a Watson overpass. This fight would be an exciting change from the terrifying melee cyberpsychos if there wasn’t an abundance of cover.

Matt Liaw acts as an introduction to cyberpsychos with ranged weapons and so is easily beatable if the players can get close enough. Just use the dozens of woodpiles and barriers, and the path to Matt will be easy.

7 HARD: Zion Wylde

Zion Wylde, on the other hand, is the harder version of Matt Liaw. Camping out in the outer edges of the Badlands, Zion Wylde has established a cozy lookout in the desert. Just like Matt, he is a sniper who will shoot anyone who comes within his range. Unlike Matt, there is little to no cover for the player’s approach.

What’s worse, his sniper rifle does quite a lot of damage. Players will make minimal progress before reaching critical health after just a few hits. The best way to beat this man might be to out-snipe the sniper. But for those stubborn enough, rushing his outlook is doable with quite a few medkits.

6 Easy: Alec Johnson

Alec Johnson can also be found in Watson on the lower westside by the water. Players shouldn’t let his size fool them. This big man is quite possibly one of the easier cyberpsychos in the game. The man wields a rifle that he is not afraid to use. In fact, he’ll jump up on a container just to have the high ground.

But, when players do enough damage to him, he’ll put the rifle away and jump down. While it might be his intention to rush the player with his fists, he will more than likely run around the area instead. Whether or not this is intentional or a bug, players will easily be able to beat Alec with their fists as he runs around the battleground.

5 HARD: Norio Akuhara

Norio Akuhara is a Tyger Claw member who has decided to direct his psychosis on his own gang. He can be found in the center of the Center City attacking some of his peers. It’s advised that players wait until their at least mid-level before attempting this fight. Norio deals out some high damage while having a good amount of health. He’s not afraid to wield a katana and start hacking, but he’s also fine with shooting from afar.

What makes Norio exceptionally difficult is that he has a second stage. Bring his health down far enough, and he will return anew with another full health bar. Players should pace themselves and make sure to bring enough ammo and meds in order to keep up with Norio’s annoying persistence.

4 EASY: Russel Greene

Russel Greene is a cyberpsycho found in the middle of the Badlands in a fenced-in location. Wielding a shotgun and a wifebeater, Russel puts on a formidable facade. Unfortunately, a facade is all it is. The most challenging part of Russel’s fight is clearing out his little compound of all the mechs he had set up.

After players have taken care of all the turrets, land mines, and drones, Russel is child’s play. He’ll run to confront V, but can be easily taken care of with a few powerful shotgun blasts or even a few grenades.

3 HARD: Anna Nox

Anna Nox is another cyberpsycho that can be found early on in the game but is better left until the player is a higher level. She can be found in a warehouse during the side gig, Occupational Hazard. Due to the size of the warehouse and Anna’s ability to rush the player with her mantis blades, the fight can get a bit difficult.

Her mantis blades can shred through V’s armor and decimate their health if they’re not careful. The best bet to defeat her without tearing their hair out is to keep moving. As long as the player keeps moving, makes sure they don’t get cornered with the debris in the room, and tosses some grenades, they should be okay.

2 EASY: Ben Debaillon

Ben Debaillon is a lot like Russel Greene in that his fight is difficult because of the mechs he’s surrounded himself with. He can be found near the docks in Pacifica during the Lex Talionis gig. This fight is especially difficult for players going for the sneaky strat because Ben has not only surrounded himself with mechs but cameras as well.

These cameras, should they see you, will alert the mechs to the player’s presence and they will not hesitate to swarm. Honestly, players should just go in gun blazing to quickly dispatch the mechs and confront Ben in person. Once confronted, he’ll stop trying to overheat the player and attack, but the player can quickly defeat him.

1 HARD: Chase Coley

Near the center of Santa Domingo, Chase Coley sits waiting for passersby to get close enough for him to attack. He is probably the hardest cyberpsycho that players can come across in the game for one reason: his mech suit.  Just like the Royce boss fight, Chase will be walking around in this battle suit that makes him almost impenetrable to attack.

It doesn’t help that his area is extremely crowded. Players will have to get creative in ways to get behind him in order to maximize the opportunities to shoot out the suit’s shields. He won’t make it easy. With his mobility combined with his devastating attacks, players will have a hard time defeating this hulking psycho.

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