Cyberpunk 2077: The 3 Different Origins And What Happens When You Choose Them

When creating your character for the first time, after the customization screen you’re prompted to choose a story background for yourself. This starts your game off in a different location and introduction depending on which one you choose. Friends’ experiences with the game can be unique due to this.

You get a different Cyberpunk 2077 introduction, setting, and side story throughout the game. This isn’t just a one and done decision. It comes back with unique dialogue choices and missions later on in the game. These three choices decide who your V was and who your V has the potential to become. It unlocks content you wouldn’t see if you chose a different path.

7 ORIGIN: Nomad

The Nomad path puts you in a dingy mechanic shop with no luck to be found in fixing your car or in making friends. As a Nomad, you’ve left your clan for reasons unknown. You’re in a small town in the middle of nowhere and they aren’t very welcome. It’s up to you to get your car fixed and meet your cargo client by the name of Jackie. The two of you try to get illegal goods passed the border with no luck and things end with a bang and Night City.

6 The Nomad Experience

This is almost like the hippie path, living on the outskirts of nowhere away from society. Living with a makeshift family and peace and love. For the most part. Nomads are known to be loyal strictly to their clan and to not venture far. Nomads answer to no higher power. This path unlocks the chance to see content creator Alanah Pearce’s character in-game as well as various dialogue choices relating to the path. The city isn’t what you would call home.

5 ORIGIN: Streetkid

The Streetkid path places you inside a Night City bar, beat up and eager for a drink. With the option to force your broken nose back into place it would seem that this is nothing new. You’re friends with the bartender and aim to settle his unpaid debts to a man named Jenkins.

When trying to settle his debts for him you run into Jackie Welles, a guy who is trying to do the same dirty work you are: steal a really expensive car from corporate. Things don’t go as planned and the both of you end up banged up once again. But as Jackie says, nothing a drink and some food can’t fix.

4 The Streetkid Experience

You’re used to fights and illegal activity. The thrill and camaraderie of the streets are all you know. In this path, you meet an important figure named Padre who seems to be very powerful but surely very illegal as well. The two of you have history, he’s someone you can trust in the future. Throughout the game, you can choose Streetkid dialogue to prove to people that you’re not one to be messed with. Heavy guns aren’t necessary when you have a sharp tongue and bruised fists.

3 ORIGIN: Corporate

The Corpo path immediately puts you into an unfortunately relatable moment of trying to calm oneself down at work in the restroom. Your life of crunching and obeying orders proves enough to have stress-induced vomiting on a Monday evening. Tension at your job is at an all-time high and your boss orders you to do something risky. The only person who can help you is your trusted friend, Jackie Welles. Things don’t go as planned and your life of riches and paperwork disappears in seconds. It’s time to work your way back up with your best friend’s help.

2 The Corporate Experience

You’ve lived with selfish, power-hungry people all your life. You may even be one of them yourself. It’s hard to discern whether the Arasaka employees of your past are your friends or enemies now that your power has been taken from you. The rich are no stranger to backstabbing, so you’re a dead V walking with a price on your head.

This path unlocks the chance to see a magazine about retro video games with Ciri from The Witcher on the cover. This can be found during the introduction sequence, at your desk. The Corpo path unlocks dialogue about the white-collar life. Tall buildings and shiny cars are all you know. Or used to know, anyhow.

1 The Storylines

These are the three different ways your game will play out at the beginning of Cyberpunk 2077, but it isn’t the end. Throughout the main story, you’ll find yourself heading back to your routes whether you mean to or not. Whether that means a grassy desert, a multi-millionaire estate, or a back alley bar. Whatever path you choose will lead to side quests to further grow your V’s personal story and unlock content you wouldn’t see had you chosen a different origin story. Everything ties together.

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