Cyberpunk 2077: The 10 Best Gigs (And How To Start Them)

In Cyberpunk 2077, gigs and side jobs are very similar. Like side jobs, gigs are optional, and you get rewards like unique weapons or the option to date one of the side characters; however, unlike them, gigs are way shorter, and you get paid in eddies, experience, and Street Cred.

Gigs will come from fixers who will call you once you’re near the gig’s location. Also, you’ll need to have a specific amount of street credit to take a gig (keep in mind that the street credit you’ll need varies from District to District). Finally, if you forgot what’s going on, you’ll find all of your active gigs in your Journal or on the map; they’re marked with the yellow hexagonal icon.

Types Of Gigs

Before learning about the best gigs you can do right now, you should know that there are different types of gigs. The type of gig you do will determine what you will be doing during the job. You’ll find out which type you got when you get close to the gig’s location marked on your map, as the “?” icon will be replaced with the gig-type icon.

  • Thievery: During these gigs, you’ll need to steal the item your client wants.
  • Agent Saboteur: As the name implies, you’ll need to sabotage a target that the client has requested.
  • Special Delivery: In this gig, you’ll have to transport something.
  • Gun for Hire: Put your skills to test with these type of gigs where you’ll eliminate a target the client requested.
  • Search and Recover: V will have to find something and bring it to the client during these.
  • SOS: Merc Needed: Be night city’s hero by completing these types of gigs. Your job will be to locate and rescue a kidnapped or missing person.

Best Gigs

While all gigs are optional, some of them are just plain better than others, either because they’re enjoyable or they have juicy rewards. So go ahead and take a look at the ones you should do right now.

10 Woman Of La Mancha

Rewards: €$3700 + 195 Experience + 438 Street CredGig Type: Gun for HireRequirement: Street Cred level 1

This short gig revolves around Anna Hammil, an NCPD cop. To start “Woman of La Mancha,” just head to Kabuki, Watson, and go to the Kabuki Market. There you’ll get a call from Regina Jones, who will give you the task of finding and neutralizing Anna. Apparently, her investigations have earned the cop lots of enemies.

After that, just go around the market asking people if they know Anna. However, if V is a Nomad, they may get things done quicker if they go to another Nomad named Imad. He will tell you where Anna’s room is in a nearby motel.

Once you reach the cop, you’ll have a few options regarding how you want things to go down. However, you must decide quickly as these are timed conversations. You could either tell Anna you took the hit job (which will turn her hostile) or try to convince her of dropping the investigation. Whatever you choose, just leave the area to complete the gig after you’ve dealt with Anna.

9 Occupational Hazard

Rewards: €$4860 + 328 Experience + 740 Street Cred ExperienceGig Type: SOS: Merc NeededRequirement: Street Cred level 1

This gig is all about trying to get a guy named Hal Cantos out of a dangerous situation involving a Cyberpsycho. The catch? You’ll only get your reward if Hal makes it out alive… You’ll find the Occupational Hazard mission marker in northside Watson, so get there to start the mission.

Once you reach the warehouse, you can just walk right into the front door if you have a level 5 Technical Ability. You can also enter the place by going to the back of the warehouse and looking for a yellow ladder that leads to the roof. Finally, you could also look for a dumpster that’s on the side of the building, climb on it and jump to the top of the building.

Once inside, you’ll need to find Hal without letting the Cyberpsycho see you; if you talk to Mox, she will task you with the optional objectives of hacking into the Moxes’ subnet to weaken the Cyberpsycho. This will make the fight a lot easier for you.

Once you fight the Cyberpsycho and neutralize her, just head down where you’ll see a blue cargo container; inside is Hal, safe and sound. When you’re done talking to him, the gig will be complete, and Regina will call you to give you your reward.

8 A Shrine Defiled

Rewards: €$6260 + 453 EXP + 1041 Street CredGig Type: Agent SaboteurRequirement: Street Cred level 20

This gig takes place in North Oak, Westbrook. Once you’re near the place that’s marked on the map, V will get a call from Okada, who will task them with infiltrating the hondem and placing a wiretap in a Tyger Claw-controlled shrine.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to do this job stealthily or not. Once you get to the hondem, you’ll notice a huge wall covering the perimeter of the entire area; you can climb on it using the double-jump cyberware Reinforced Tendons legs.

Once inside, go on and find the shrine, but be careful as there are cameras inside the place. Once you find the shrine, just go to the computer terminal and install the malware. After the deed is done, scape the hondem to complete the gig. Again, careful with the cameras.

7 Family Heirloom

Rewards: €$6950 + 565 EXP + 1270 Street CredGig Type: Search and RecoverRequirements: Street Cred level 35 and have finished the main job “Ghost Town.”

You can find this gig in southern Charter Hill in the parking lot on Crockett St. Once you arrive, there’ll be around ten enemies in the place; you can choose to take them out using stealth or gun up. Either way, your objective here is to find and retrieve the bootleg recording of Samurai (Johnny’s band).

Once you dealt with the enemies, head to the back of the garage, where you’ll find a shard that has what you’re looking for. You can still get some other cool things from here, like Johnny’s shoes and car keys for a car that belongs to Dan. You can then hop in the red car (that’s to the room’s left) and leave the place.

Afterward, head to the waypoint in the map, park the car, and then talk to the client waiting in the bar upstairs. They will complete the mission, and you’ll get a call from Rogue to deliver your rewards. Keep in mind that, while delivering the car is optional, doing so will give you some extra money, so it’s totally worth it if you want some easy eddies.

6 Two Wrongs Makes Us Right

Rewards: €$8580 eddies + 678 Experience + 1524 Street Cred ExperienceGig Type: ThieveryRequirements: Street Cred level 32

You’ll find this gig at Pacifica, specifically at West Wind Estate. For this one, all you have to do is steal something from the client. Head to the gig location, and you’ll find yourself at a construction site. You can enter from above (which will leave you closer to the van) or enter through the front (but you’ll have to fight some enemies).

Either way, just get inside and head towards the van. Keep in mind that this area is filled with Animal guards, so if you want to avoid combat, just sneak past them. Once you reach the van, all is left to do, is get inside and drive it to the mission marker.

5 Sparring Partner

Rewards: €$8580 eddies + 678 Experience + 1524 Street Cred ExperienceGig Type: ThieveryRequirements: Street Cred level 11

This one is a simple gig; all you have to do is break into a place and steal software for the client. To start “Sparring Partner,” just head to the eastern Badlands. The gig will take you to a scrapyard. Once there, you can either sneak your way in, threaten the Junk Vendor, or bribe him to let you in (however, this option is costly, and you will lose more eddies than you win with this gig).

Whatever you choose, once inside, just and head to the restricted area, there you’ll see a van that has the bot you’re looking for. Get close to the van (that conveniently has its doors open) and remove the chip. Afterward, just scape the area and go to the dropping point to complete the gig.

4 Going-Away Party

Rewards: €$9050 + 565 EXP + 1270 Street CredGig Type: SOS Merc NeededRequirements: Street Cred level 21

This gig happens at Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo. When you get near the place, you’ll get a call to task V with escorting Flavio, the client, out of the area. To complete this gig, you’ll need to first get into the house where Flavio is and take everyone out.

Once the house is clean of enemies, go to the second floor to find the client, talk to him and direct him to the hideout garage. Afterward, the gig gets pretty straightforward, just deliver the man to the pickup point and speak to the nomad that’s waiting for you two to complete the mission.

3 The Union Strikes Back

Rewards: €$9280 + 565 EXP + 1240 Street CredGig Type: Gun For HireRequirements: Street Cred level 50 and have finished the main job “Ghost Town” and “Gimme Danger.”

This gig takes place in Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo. Once you’re in the location, you’ll get a call from Rogue, who will task you with getting inside the C-Team’s building to find your target, Vic Vega.

Once inside, you’ll have two options depending on the life path you chose for V. If you’re a Corpo, you’ll have another dialogue option with that receptionist; this will allow you to steal the access card that’s on her desk.

If that’s not an option, wait until the receptionist is away and use her computer to get Vic’s office location. Afterward, just go ahead and have some fun clearing the whole building till you get to Vic. Once you’re in the office, either kill him or neutralize him, you’ll have to take out his body then and go to the meeting location. This will complete the gig, and you’ll collect your rewards.

2 Going Up Or Going Down?

Rewards: €$10900 + 521 EXP + 210 Street CredGig Type: ThieveryRequirement: Street Cred level 22

This gig is ideal for making some eddies in Night City. It’s short, the reward is juicy, and there’s only one potential enemy. You’ll find “Going Up or Going Down?” at The Glen in Heywood. Once you arrive at the location, Padre will call V and task them with going to El Gallo’s Workshop.

Once there, just head inside and search for the scandium rods downstairs (they are in the middle of the room inside a box). You could also talk to El Gallo himself and ask him, but this is entirely optional. Afterward, head outside and drop the goods at the nearest drop point to complete the gig.

1 Hot Merchandise

Rewards: €$11600 + 678 EXP + 2435 Street CredGig Type: Gun For HireRequirements: Street Cred level 35 and have finished the main job “Ghost Town.”

This gig takes place in Wellsprings, Heywood, and all you’ll have to do is find and neutralize Rebeca Price, a small business owner that sells hacked and stollen Militech equipment. To do so, just enter the electronics store; however, this won’t be an easy task as the store is filled with enemies ready to stop you.

The other way you can go around this is to head to the back of the building and open the garage; still, you’ll need a level 15 body to do so, or try the other door if you have a Level 15 Technical Ability.

Whatever you do, go inside, kill who you have to kill, and then focus on finding Rebecca (who’s in the store’s basement). Neutralize or kill the woman to complete the mission and leave the area to collect your rewards.

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