Cyberpunk 2077 Shoot To Thrill – How To Guarantee First Place

Cyberpunk 2077 has a seemingly endless supply of sidequests for you to engage in, some very short shootouts, and others are deep and complex with character stories that help you get to know the world and lore of Night City. Shoot To Thrill is one of those distinctly shorter sidequests. All you need to do is head to the gun store that’s located near your apartment, where the shop owner, Wilson, will give you a gun at the beginning of the game.

This quest is a simple shooting challenge, and it doesn’t get much more straightforward than this. However, if you want the best rewards the quest has to offer, then you will want to go in prepared. This is a unique challenge requiring you to use unique guns, and while you’ll get a reward no matter how it goes, your choice of weapon and control scheme will alter your chances of winning dramatically.

So read on below for everything you need to guarantee a victory during Shoot To Thrill, and a breakdown of all the rewards you can receive. You can also find a guide to all unique and missable weapons here.

How To Win Shoot To Thrill In Cyberpunk 2077

There are a few specific rules for this shooting challenge. First, you must land as many shots on the targets as possible, regardless of which lane they’re in. So just ignore the position of the target, just shoot whichever is easiest.

Next, you must be using a low-calibre weapon, meaning a handgun, basically. In order to make sure you can unload as many shots as possible, you should use whichever handgun you own which has the highest fire-rate – maybe loot some gang members for weapons if you don’t have anything. The power of the weapon doesn’t matter, just how many bullets it can spit out.

So your goal here should be to use a fast-firing handgun with a large clip, if possible, and shoot as fast as you can. If you’re using a PC you should definitely opt for mouse controls for this challenge, and turn off V-sync so you get minimal latency. If you’re on console, well, Godspeed.

All Shoot To Thrill Rewards In Cyberpunk 2077

There will only be rewards for finishing in the top two places in this competition. Finishing second is easy, but finishing first will be quite a challenge.

If you only manage to finish second, you will be rewarded with Street Cred. This is, y’know, good and everything, but it’s hardly the reward that you travelled here for. Street Cred will help you become more known on the streets and will open up new Gigs for you, but not much else.

If you come in first place you manage to get some proper rewards. You’ll earn yourself a custom Lexington handgun, and the stats on this gun are unlike any other Lexington in the game, so even if you have something better, you might want to store this unique item in your stash so you avoid selling it on early.

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