Cyberpunk 2077: first major patch fixes major bugs and adds a new one

CD Projekt’s first big patch for Cyberpunk 2077 is now available but among all the fixes is an entirely new bug.

While CD Projekt has been releasing smaller fixes for Cyberpunk 2077 since its release, it promised to have two major patches available in January and February.

Fortunately for both the player base and the company (which was facing potential fines if it failed to deliver this patch on time), it released the first one, patch 1.1., over the weekend.

The primary focus of the patch is to improve stability and memory usage, as well as to prevent the game from crashing whenever you try to save or load a save file.

The full list of fixes can be read on CD Projekt’s website and also include ones related to specific quests and platform-specific issues.

Despite all these fixes, however, players who eagerly jumped back in to play the improved game have said that an entirely new bug is now present.

Originally, during the Down on the Street quest, some players wouldn’t receive a call from the character Takemura, which is needed to complete the quest.

The patch did fix this, but now it’s been reported that Takemura will call you and just not say anything. And what’s worse is that reloading an old save or making a new one doesn’t fix it, effectively preventing progress.

Fortunately, CD Projekt has provided a workaround, which has been shared on Reddit. The suggestion is that you load a save file from before player character V and Takemura leave Wakako’s office.

V must then finish their conversation with Takemura outside the office straight away. Once it’s over and quest progression has been updated, skip 23 hours. The call should trigger afterwards and Takemura will speak as he should.

The downside to this is that, depending on how long ago it has been since you last saved, you risk losing a lot of progress and will need to do it all over again just to circumvent this one issue.

With CD Projekt aware of the bug you can no doubt expect it to either be addressed in a hotfix or as part of the February patch, but it’s yet another new embarrassment for already beleaguered CD Projekt.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are planned to release this year.

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