Cyberpunk 2077: All Unique Shotguns, Ranked

Shotguns in Cyberpunk 2077 have been underwhelming, by and large. Melee weapons tend to do better up close and, at range, the damage drop-off is very high when compared to other FPS games. These criticisms are valid for most ordinary shotguns. But when you have an iconic shotgun in your hands, everything changes.

In fact, if you fight an iconic shotgun, you might never even think about going back to your other weapons because getting in close and blasting away is so intensely satisfying. The raw damage numbers are preposterous, it’s just a matter of getting the pellets to land, and these are the best weapons for making each shot count.

4 Mox

  • Shotgun.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Iconic: Muzzle reduces bullet spread.
  • Low reload speed.

The Mox is a confused weapon. On one hand, it’s a power weapon that is supposed to send shrapnel everywhere, but the reduced bullet spread reduces the number of bullets that are off-target. That’s fine and all, but it does seem like the gun itself was miscategorized.

The other issue is that it carries a stiff penalty built right into the gun. Shotguns are slow enough to fire and reload, adding a penalty to reload speed is cruel to players that are committed to making shotguns relevant in the first place. The damage is fine and it’s better than an ordinary shotgun, but there are better alternatives.

3 Sovereign

  • Double-Barrel Shotgun.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Iconic: Both shots are fired at once if the gun is discharged while aiming. Reduced reload time and bullet spread.

Shotguns are made to shred close targets and this gun embodies that promise. If you have to pull the trigger more than once, then melee enemies are going to get a free hit in between pumps.

This gun welcomes those targets to try and get up close. By firing both barrels when aiming, the massive damage is instantaneous. You might be concerned about getting swarmed during the reload, but the iconic nature of the weapon improves reload time, so when the next melee enemy rushes in after the next, you’ll be waiting with a smile.

2 Ba Xing Chong

  • Shotgun.
  • Smart Weapon.
  • Fires explosive rounds.
  • Iconic: Has a chance to knock down enemies.

The biggest problem with using shotguns at range is that the pellets spread out, so you’re missing more than you’re hitting. There is only one smart shotgun, but that’s all you could ever want. Smart guns have auto-targeting, so seeing every pellet from every shell find its mark is as overpowered as it sounds.

Additionally, the explosive rounds and knockdown chance apply on every single projectile, so it looks like you’ve hit your targets with a bunch of mini-grenades as they go flying. If you really don’t care for shotguns, even iconic ones, use this one for the hilarious ragdoll effects.

1 The Headsman

  • Shotgun.
  • Power Weapon.
  • Chance to apply bleed effects.
  • Iconic: Doubles number of projectiles. Increases bleed effect chance. Increases dismemberment chance. Reduced reload time.
  • Increases spread, reduced rate of fire, and reduced clip capacity.

Most players stay away from this weapon because it has three penalties tied to it. Here’s the deal; those three penalties have to be on this weapon because its advantage is so extreme that, if it had no drawbacks, nobody would use any other weapon ever again.

Doubling your projectiles is a lot of fun, especially on power weapons. Even if you miss, the ricochet still has a huge chance to apply bleed effects. And the reduced reload time means you can just keep firing until it’s all over. If you plan to play blindfolded, this gun will make it as smooth as possible.

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