Crytek Hires Hitman 3 Director To Lead Crysis 4 Development

The Hitman 3 director Mattias Engström, who spent seven years at IO Interactive, has left to join Crytek to take over Crysis 4 development.

Crytek officially revealed the fourth installment of the sci-fi first-person shooter back in January but has been quiet until now. On Twitter the company announced that Mattias Engström, known for his work as game director for Hitman 3, will join the Crysis family starting this week. Engström will serve as Crysis 4's director and his responsibilities will include managing multiple design teams to ensure that the development progresses as planned while staying within ‌budget.

Before his new appointment and leading Hitman 3 development, Engström worked as a level designer on Hitman and Hitman 2 at the Danish studio IO Interactive. He also had a hand in Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed Revelations at Ubisoft.

Crytek didn’t mention who served as Crysis 4's director before. Considering that Mattias Engström has just joined the studio, the project is still a long way off shipping with the dev team only taking its shape. Crytek is currently hiring for 27 positions that will all work on the shooter. Back in January, Crytek CEO Avni Yerli revealed that the game is in "the early stages of development”.

Another hint we got is that Crysis 4 isn’t necessarily the exact name for the upcoming project, but ‌a working title, and Crytek may yet keep the name or change it to include a subtitle instead. Earlier, the studio said it will listen to the community to ensure "the next installment in the franchise lives up to all of your expectations."

Crysis 4 was announced with a brief teaser suggesting that the upcoming installment could be even darker than the previous entries. "It’s time to join the journey and be the hero," the reveal teaser said. Not much to go on, but we do know that the Nanosuit is definitely making its return.

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