Crowfall raises another $11.9 million for its MMO venture

ArtCraft Entertainment announced today that it has raised $11.7 million to help finish and launch its MMO, Crowfall.

This $11.7 million came from investors, although ArtCraft did not name them, but Crowfall got its start through crowdfunding. It raised $1,766,204 on Kickstarter back in 2015. That seemed like a lot of money at the time, but making an MMO is difficult and expensive task.

Crowfall took in more crowdfunding after the initial Kickstarter push. In total, it has raised $5.7 million through pledges. Outside of backers from crowdfunding, ArtCraft has brought in over $30 million more through technology licensing, distribution agreements, and previous investment rounds.

The game will be starting a beta later this quarter. Over 300,000 have signed up for the chance to test and play Crowfall.

This MMO is hoping to differentiate itself with an emphasis on procedurally generated worlds and city-building. Other MMOs, including the popular World of Warcraft, focus on things like questing and dungeons.

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