Critical Role’s Matt Mercer Just Made A Cameo On American Dad (That He Wasn’t Aware Of)

Matthew Mercer, host of Critical Role and voice of a thousand video game characters, just made a cameo in American Dad.

Remember when Matthew Mercer was just the guy who played the voice of Rehgar in Heroes of the Storm? Or MacCready in Fallout 4? Or the Field Team Leader in Monster Hunter: World? Or, of course, McCree in Overwatch?

Yeah, me neither. These days he’s all about D&D, although he still keeps his toes in the voice acting biz.

There is one time he appeared on-screen without his voice leading the way, though, and that was in Season 14, Episode 1 of American Dad.

We have Reddit user atom_skies to thank for this image that was posted to the Critical Role subreddit. In the episode, Steve tries to get kids into baseball by making the game more like Dungeons & Dragons, an idea that would surely work if it were applied in reality. However, in the crowd of tweens and pre-teens is one very Mercer-like man, complete with flowing hair, beard, and leather wristbands.

Matt himself even commented on his surprise cameo, writing, “To be fair, I’d certainly be more invested in a baseball game as well…”

As cool as this D&D shout-out is, that’s not where the story ends. An actual employee who works on American Dad responded to Matt’s tweet to set the record straight. Aldrin Cornejo works in American Dad‘s design department, and he said that the bearded and braceleted man in the crowd is not Mercer, but actually his friend and coworker, Robert Heckman.

Going through Heckman’s Twitter feed, you can see that the two bear a certain resemblance that when turned into an American Dad character would render them almost identical. Although that begs the question of the wristbands.

One Twitter user pointed this out, only to have Heckman’s wife reply saying that she “purchased those bracelets for him.”

So, sadly, this is not a true Mercer cameo, but we’re sure that American Dad’s producers didn’t complain when an inside joke actually turned into a plug for Critical Role.

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