Critical Role Unleashes Critical Cuteness With Crit Recap Animated

On December 17, Critical Role announced its newest ‘show’, Crit Recap Animated. The show is an animated five-to-ten minute brief recap of Critical Role Season Two’s episode following the Mighty Nein’s story arc. Each new Recap episode is scheduled to air during the break of each Thursday night Critical Role episode, and pushed to the studio’s YouTube channel a few days afterward.

Just when you thought Critical Role’s resident Lore Keeper Dani Carr couldn’t possibly be seen as a more wonderful being than she already is, you get to see her in animated form (#Danimated) hosting the new Crit Recap Animated, and you know you were terribly mistaken. The new show is an offshoot of the former Critical Recap, where real-life Carr recapped the weekly Critical Role show with the help of a chalkboard and some helpful graphics done by the excellent studio team. When that show ended and switched to its current article format, a great cry of despair arose from the Critter nation, but the new Crit Recap Animated seems to have greater healed that wound in an unexpected and fantastic way.

The first animated Recap episode aired during the break of Critical Role Campaign 2 Episode 120. In it, #Danimated Carr introduces the Mighty Nein, “a motley bunch of colorful assholes ready to find their place in the world.” The scene is set in the Nestled Nook Inn in Trostenwald where the group first met each other in Campaign 2 Episode 1 Curious Beginnings. Carr intros each of the Mighty Nein in turn with her own colorful commentary:

  • Caleb Widowgast – “a quiet human wizard weighed down by a shifty and tragic past”
  • Nott – “a goblin rogue with enthusiastic wine-mom energy”
  • Jester Lavorre – “the tiefling cleric of the Trickery domain, the daughter of a single working mom”
  • Fjord – “our resident half-orc hexblade warlock with a spooky underwater patron that’s just as mysterious as his past”
  • Beau – a human monk “armed with a stunning disrespect for authority and an all-access library card”
  • Mollymauk Tealeaf – “an ostentatious tiefling bloodhunter leading a life of aimless debauchery”
  • Yasha – “an aasimar barbarian and worshipper of the Storm Lord” who “seeks redemption for a past she can’t remember”
  • Caduceus Clay – “the firbolg grave cleric” who “turns out to be the comforting hot cup of tea this group needs to balance out their chaos crew energy”

According to the announcement, the wonderful animation is done by Offworld Studios, a seemingly brand new animation studio compromised of industry veteran animators, designers, and storytellers. The announcement also lists the writing team as Carr, Critical Role Creative Director Marisha Ray, and Critical Role Producer Kyle Shire.

The next Crit Recap Animated is scheduled to air inside Critical Role’s next episode scheduled for Thursday, January 14, 2021. The announcement states that each episode will condense the Campaign 2 story arc into short briefings, while it seems the Critical Recap article version continues to summarize the latest CR episode. So if you have someone who wants to know an easy place to get started with the Mighty Nein’s story, Crit Recap Animated is the perfect place to point them to.

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