Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – Yuffie Missions Guide

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A few chapters into Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, you will automatically receive a message from an anonymous sender with a big tip on some supposedly terrific treasure. This happens as soon as Zack arrives at the Sector Five Reactor during the assault on Shinra Headquarters in Chapter Three, so it's rather early into the story.

Reading the email unlocks the first in a series of missions centered around the plucky young Yuffie Kisaragi of original Final Fantasy 7 fame. Since Crisis Core's a prequel, she isn't even her teenage self yet — she's still in the single digits, but she's already honing her trademark spunk to agitate her enemies and fluster her friends.

Should You Do Yuffie's Missions?

Technically, you'll have already met Yuffie in Chapter One, during the mission in Wutai. But those who seek to clear Crisis Core: FF7's clock time as quickly and cleanly as possible will surely skip her every subsequent appearance. Unless you're set on a speedrun, we must insist such a move would be a mistake. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by Crisis Core's 300-mission optional stage structure, and there's no denying an overarching sense of sameness to it, but Yuffie's are among the best of the bunch.

Not only do Yuffie's missions unlock many of the game's best accessories and Materia, but unlike the vast majority of their bite-sized brethren, they feature a narrative arc that exists beyond the rudimentary stage descriptions most of us barely stop to read before diving into the action. There's some delightful fun to be found, even if Zack's relentless naivety is taken to an extreme — that's just part of the appeal.

How Difficult Are Yuffie's Missions?

Generally speaking, Yuffie's mission chain isn't all that hard. That said, you'll unlock new sections across multiple categories, and toward the tail end, they will test your mettle a good deal more. A prime example of this is the fight against Bahamut Fury near the finish line. This version is significantly tougher than the one players face in the main story, and while the majority of folks will surely come across the optional spin on the monster after having teed off against the mandatory one, those who grind through Crisis Core's many missions ahead of schedule will find the 'real deal' to be a cakewalk by comparison.

There aren't many unique fights in Yuffie's Crisis Core FF7 content, but rather, bulked-up variations on much of what Zack and his fellow SOLDIERs are quite accustomed to challenging. Employ similar strategies but on a grander scale; in other words, take full advantage of the Materia Fusion system to prepare yourself for harder-hitting and higher-HP versions of the usual fare.

What Are The Rewards?

We've already mentioned Bahamut Fury — this incredibly powerful Summon Materia is yours as a reward for completing the bulk of Yuffie's missions. It's a wonderful present in its own right, but you'll get plenty more along the way, including (but not limited to) the following prime trinkets:

  • An early-game Barrier and MBarrier if you do the first couple of Yuffie missions as soon as they become available.
  • Valuable Materia such as Hell Firaga, Tri-Fire, Electrocute, Flare, and even a Stop Blade with ATK +60.
  • Great pick-ups from chests within the stages themselves.

Most importantly, you must resolve to complete Yuffie's missions if you wish to unlock 'Great Cavern of Wonders', Crisis Core's hardest mission category overall. These super-tough terrains will test your mettle, but they'll also supply you with the bulk of what is needed to overcome them with relative ease. The prizes for scouring the battlegrounds and finishing the maps in 'Great Cavern of Wonders' are handily among the very best in the game.

This is also how to (eventually) unlock the chance to fight Minerva, Crisis Core's powerful optional superboss. All told, our strong recommendation is to make your way through the Yuffie content even if you don't intend to do every other mission. It's quite possibly the most important string of side stuff that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion has to offer.

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