Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – Complete Guide To Mini-Games

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The Final Fantasy series has always been known for its quirky characters, side activities, and even story, in some cases, allowing you to take the load off and relax to get away from the more dire story beats, which is something the Final Fantasy 7 suite of games does an excellent job at.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is a perfect example of having fun and rewarding Mini-Games to participate in for unique rewards while also letting you take your mind off the emotional story surrounding Zack Fair and everything that transpires before the events of the original Final Fantasy 7. There are eight Mini-Games total in Crisis Core for you to tackle.

Perfume Blending

One of the first Mini-Games you can take a crack at in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is Perfume Blending, which sees Zack try to make the perfect Perfume for Aerith during your time in the Sector 5 Slums during Chapter 4. This will be one of many ways to earn Affection Points, deepening the bond between Zack and Aerith.

To start this Mini-Game, navigate to the Shopping Paradise booth in the Sector 5 Slums Market Area. Speak to the woman running the stand to initiate the Mini-Game, which we will cover on how to make the perfect blend in the section below. However, before that, it's crucial to note that this activity will become unavailable in Chapter 9, so be sure to do it as early as possible (Chapter 4). You will also need at least 1,000 Gil to begin the Mini-Game, so be sure to have that on hand before attempting to start it.

Perfume Blending Guide

When it comes to crafting the perfect Perfume for Aerith, the clerk will inform you how many drops of Oil you will need to add to the Perfume for the correct amount, which you will then have to count out the drips with text-based hints to determine when to stop adding the Oil. Three different text prompts will inform you how much Oil was just added. You can see what they are in the table below!

Oil Drops

Text Hint

Drops Added


One drop of Oil.


Two drops of Oil.


Ten drops of Oil.

Once you reach the number of drips the clerk told you were needed for the Perfume, hit the prompt to end the Mini-Game to finish crafting the Perfume. Depending on how well you did, you will earn Affection Points but can also lose some if your Perfume Blending skills are abysmal. You can find the rewards in the table below!


Perfume Blend


Perfect Blend

+5 to Aerith's Affection

+1-2 Drops Over The Required Amount

+3 to Aerith's Affection

+3-4 Drops Over The Required Amount

+1 to Aerith's Affection

5+ Drops Over The Required Amount

-1 to Aerith's Affection

Aerith's Affection towards Zack will determine what she says to him before he returns to base in preparation for Chapter 9. Additionally, you will get the "Good Match for Aerith" Trophy/Achievement for maxing out her Affection and will obtain the "Master Blender" Trophy/Achievement for crafting the perfect blend in this Mini-Game.

Materia Pickup

Materia Pickup is like the previous Mini-Game, becoming available during Chapter 4 in the Market Area of the Sector 5 Slums. Likewise, Materia Pickup will also be incompletable once you reach Chapter 9, so be sure to do it as early as possible, or you will eventually miss your chance to raise Aerith's Affection for Zack.

You can begin this Mini-Game by heading to the northwest section of the Sector 5 Slums Market and speaking to the man running the Materia Pickup stand. After speaking with him, a timer will start, and you will have to pick up 20 pieces of Materia that wrap around the entire Market Area of the Sector 5 Slums. The faster your time, the better your rewards. You can learn more about the time and rewards in the table below!

Materia Pickup Rewards

Completion Time


23 Seconds Or Below

  • +5 to Aerith's Affection
  • +100 Gil

24>28 Seconds

  • +1 to Aerith's Affection
  • +80 Gil

29>33 Seconds

  • +1 to Aerith's Affection
  • +60 Gil

34>40 Seconds

  • No change in Aerith's Affection
  • +40 Gil

41>60 Seconds

  • No change in Aerith's Affection
  • +30 Gil

61>105 Seconds

  • No change in Aerith's Affection
  • +20 Gil

105 Seconds Or Above

  • No change in Aerith's Affection
  • No Gil

As mentioned earlier, raising Aerith's Affection to its maximum status will grant you a special scene with Zack and Aerith before he leaves. It will also unlock the "Good Match for Aerith" Trophy/Achievement. Furthermore, if you can gather all 20 pieces of Materia in 23 seconds or less, you will also obtain the "Godlike" Trophy/Achievement!

Number Guessing

Before you attempt the Number Guessing Mini-Game, we urge you to do the two outlined above first, as upping Aerith's Affection prior to this Mini-Game will give you a significantly better chance at succeeding. Additionally, like the others, you can begin this Mini-Game by heading to the northwest portion of the Market Area in the Sector 5 Slums and speaking to the boy running the Number Guessing game. This can be done as early as Chapter 4.

After speaking with him, you will have to keep track of kids who walk past the screen and correctly guess how many there were from a list of multiple-choice answers. You will need 50 Gil to attempt the Number Guessing Mini-Game, so ensure you have that beforehand. With all that out of the way, let's go over some of the ways you can increase your odds before we tackle the rewards.

The Number Guessing Mini-Game will initially cost 100 Gil but can be lowered by trading the boy running the game Potions. Every Potion reduces the cost by 10 Gil, allowing you to cut the price to 50 Gil by giving him five Potions. Giving the boy Potions will also increase Aerith's Affection for Zack, so we recommend doing this.

Increasing Your Odds

There are two ways to narrow the number of guesses you have, increasing your odds of correctly choosing the correct answer if you are having trouble keeping track of how many kids pass by. The first method is simply paying the kid running the Mini-Game an additional 50 Gil, having him list off three numbers, one of which is the winning number. This is an excellent method if you think you have the correct guess but need to soft-confirm it by removing a few choices.

Option number two is asking Aerith her thoughts on how many kids there were, limiting your options drastically depending on her current Affection Level towards Zack. The higher her Affection, the fewer choices you will have, meaning the higher your odds of picking the correct one are. You can find more information on how Aerith can help you in the table below!

Aerith's Guess

Affection Level



51+ Affection Points

Shows only two choices, giving you a 50 percent chance.


41>50 Affection Points

Reduces your options to three choices instead of six.


40 or Fewer Affection Points

Removes two choices, leaving you with four to choose from.

Paying the boy for a hint and asking Aerith for help will allow you to pinpoint the answer by comparing both of their numbers and finding the one they have in common.

When you have your guess locked and loaded, it's time to toss it out and hope for the best. If you guess correctly, you will receive the Item of the Day, a random item from an extensive list of possibilities. You can repeat this Mini-Game multiple times from Chapter 4 all the way through Chapter 9, and we recommend doing so as your odds of receiving the more rare items will drastically increase each time you attempt it. You can find the complete list of rewards and their rarity in the table below!

Number Guessing Rewards











Thunder Materia


Fire Materia


Blizzard Materia


Bronze Bangle

Extremely Rare

Bronze Armlet

Extremely Rare

Bulletproof Vest

Extremely Rare

ATK Up Materia

Extremely Rare

HP Up Materia

Extremely Rare


Chose Incorrectly

While you won't receive Affection Points based on the result of your guessing abilities, giving the kid Potions will increase Aerith's Affection by two each time you give him one, totaling ten Affection Points total if you give him all five Potions. Doing so will get you closer to the 75 Affection Points needed for the special scene for Aerith and Zack and the "Good Match for Aerith" Trophy/Achievement. Furthermore, correctly guessing the exact number will net you the "Bingo!" Trophy/Achievement.

Find The Wutai Spies!

Time to shake things up a bit with the Find the Wutai Spies! Mini-Game, which can be accessed as early as Chapter 5 by visiting Loveless Avenue. To begin the Mini-Game, speak to the Shinra Guard on Loveless Avenue to be informed about the six Wutai Spies hiding amongst the people in various locations.

All six Wutai Spies will have to be found in a specific order, each unlocking a reward when found. Finding all six of them will give you a special reward that will come in handy down the line for another Mini-Game (Flower Wagon), so we suggest getting this out of the way as soon as possible. Furthermore, like the others, reaching Chapter 9 will disable this Mini-Game, making it impossible to complete. All six Spies' locations are in the table below and in their proper order.

Wutai Spies Locations

Wutai Spy



Spy 1

Loveless Avenue, the man near the truck.

Mission 4-3-1

Spy 2

Sector 5 Slums, Market Area, guard near the entrance.

Mission 4-3-2

Spy 3

Shinra Building, Main Lobby, Shinra Agent near the elevators.

Mission 4-3-3

Spy 4

Sector 8, the woman near the fountain in the center of the square.

Mission 4-3-4

Spy 5

Shinra Building, Exhibit Room, Shinra Agent near The Highwind replica.

Mission 4-3-5

Spy 6

Sector 6, Park Area, the "Spy" is a child acting as a Wutai Spy.

Mission 4-3-6

Walnut Wood

After finding all six Wutai Spies, you will receive Walnut Wood, which you can use to help Aerith craft her Flower Wagon a few chapters later. Additionally, you will not have to complete the unlocked missions to progress the Mini-Game or obtain the Walnut Wood. Still, they offer decent rewards, so we recommend tackling them whenever possible.

Finding all six Wutai Spies will unlock the Trophy/Achievement "Wutai's Nemesis." You will not earn any Affection Points by completing this Mini-Game but will be able to help Aerith with her Flower Wagon Mini-Game/Side-Quest, which makes it more than worth it.


Squats are similar to the previous Mini-Game except that all of its rewards are focused on the Flower Wagon quest for Aerith, giving you all the parts needed to build the third Flower Cart to complete the Mini-Game/Side-Quest. This Mini-Game is located in the Training Room of the Shinra Building and can be completed as early as Chapter 5.

You will have one minute to do as many Squats as possible to surpass your opponent. There are four opponents total, each more skilled and trained than the last, forcing you to be on point if you want to win. While this Mini-Game is challenging, there is a strategy and rhythm to get down that will help you tremendously, which we will cover below.

Squat Strategy

When the Mini-Game begins, time your button presses alongside Zack's arms. As they start to move forward, press the button to continue and complete the squat, repeating this action over and over until your one-minute timer is up. If you can successfully perform five Squats without fail in quick succession, Zack will begin performing Squats at a faster pace, allowing you to squeeze in far more Squats than your opponent if you can keep the pacing and rhythm up.

Failing to land a Squat or taking too long will reset your pacing, putting you in a bad position against the more challenging competition. However, once you get a feel of the rhythm, pacing, and general handle of the Mini-Game, you should be able to land plenty of Squats in the allotted time. Just try and time your button inputs when Zack swings his arms up, and you should be golden. You can find all rewards in the table below!

Squat Rewards



Shinra Trooper

Shinra Lunch Cart Specs

Shinra Captain

Shinra Ceramic

Soldier 3rd Class

Shinra Treads

Soldier 2nd Class

Shinra Solder

Landing more Squats than the Soldier 2nd Class will unlock the "Shinra's Squat Champion" Trophy/Achievement and will grant you the final piece needed to craft the final Flower Wagon for Aerith in a later chapter.

Flower Wagon

While less of a Mini-Game and more of a Sub-Mission, building Aerith three Flower Wagons is an excellent payoff to a few of the actual game's Mini-Games, so we decided to include it and how to complete it as a result. You will not be able to pick this quest up until Chapter 8, which will then become available in the Church within the Sector 5 Slums. Like all the others thus far, this quest will become inactive during Chapter 9, so do it as soon as possible.

For this activity, you will need to gather materials to help Aerith build three Flower Wagons. As covered in the previous two Mini-Games, you will need to complete the Find the Wutai Spies and Squat Mini-Games to achieve this. The location of all the materials for each Flower Wagon can be found in the sections below!

First Flower Wagon Materials


How To Obtain

Used Tools

Found just outside the Church by gathering the four red orbs.

Old Lumber

Gifted to Zack after he suggests to the Carpenter located in the Slums that he should name the bar "Seventh Heaven."

Worn Tires

Given to Zack by the man beside the truck on Loveless Avenue.

Wagon Specs

Obtained by searching a Shinra Helmet just outside of the Church.

Second Flower Wagon Materials


How To Obtain

Mythril Tools

Received after clearing Mission 2-16, "Truth in the Wasteland," and speaking to the Researcher found in the Research Room of the Shinra Building.

Walnut Wood

Obtained upon clearing "Find the Wutai Spies!" Mini-Game.

Premium Tires

Rewarded to you when completing Mission 7-16, "Recall Mission," and speaking to the Soldier 3rd Class located in the Briefing Room of the Shinra Building.

Craftsman Monthly

Complete Mission 1-2-6, "Peacekeeping Troops," then speak to the Shinra Captain found on Loveless Avenue to receive this part as a gift.

Third Flower Wagon Materials


How To Obtain

Shinra Lunch Cart Specs

Beat the Shinra Trooper at the Squats Mini-Game.

Shinra Ceramic

Defeat the Shinra Captain at the Squats Mini-Game.

Shinra Treads

Best the Soldier 3rd Class at the Squats Mini-Game.

Shinra Solder

Conquer the Soldier 2nd Class at the Squats Mini-Game.

There are no rewards for completing this Sub-Mission, but you will earn the "Midgar Full of Flowers" Trophy/Achievement and will get to see a special cutscene of Zack and Aerith selling flowers from the created wagons to the people of the Sector 5 Slums.

A Cascade Of Treasure

A Cascade of Treasure is one of the last Mini-Games you can tackle in Crisis Core and becomes available whenever to reach the Gongaga Village region during Chapter 9, just before you head out to Nibelheim. However, keep in mind that if you happen to leave Gongaga Village, you cannot revisit, meaning this Mini-Game will be unavailable, so you must do it when you reach the area.

To begin this Mini-Game, you will have to dispatch seven groups of enemies near the Gongaga Hills area of the region, which will trigger a cutscene where Zack spots a chest floating down the river from the waterfall. After this happens, you can partake in the A Cascade of Treasure Mini-Game. You can find the rules and general strategy of the game below.

A Cascade Of Treasure Strategy

The Cascade of Treasure Mini-Game has you maneuver through a raging river in an attempt to gather treasure chests and avoid monsters, rewarding you for hauling in a hefty number of chests. While this can seem hard on the surface, the patterns in which the chests and monsters appear are always the same, allowing you to know what's coming ahead of time to get out of the way and position yourself accordingly.

Imagine the river split into three sections—the left, middle, and right. You will always want to start off positioned in the middle, then move to the left, and then quickly to the right. From there, the pattern repeats, so all you have to do is go back to the middle, the left, the right, and so on. We recommend going at a slight angle towards the left and right so as to attack the treasure chest as it comes downstream instead of having it come to you. This will give you more time to reposition yourself for the next one. Now, let's cover what you will get for gathering the treasure chests!

A Cascade Of Treasure Rewards

Chests Gathered


10+ Chests

  • Hi-Potion
  • X-Potion
  • Elixir
  • Goblin Punch Materia

8>9 Chests

  • Hi-Potion
  • X-Potion
  • Elixir

5>7 Chests

  • Hi-Potion
  • X-Potion

1>4 Chests

  • Hi-Potion

0 Chests

  • Nothing

Gathering at least ten treasure chests in the A Cascade of Treasure Mini-Game will unlock the "Waterfall Chaser" Trophy/Achievement. While it's not advised to go chasing waterfalls, this is the exception to that rule.

Seven Wonders Of Nibelheim

The Seven Wonders of Nibelheim Mini-Game is by far the most demanding one in the game and requires you to solve all seven riddles in order without advancing the story too far, or it will be impossible to complete. To begin this Mini-Game, you will need to reach Nibelheim in Chapter 9 and speak with the kid on the east end of the initial town. Speak with him to receive the first riddle. You can find steps to all Seven Wonders in the section below!

You must complete the first five riddles before entering the Shinra Manor's basement. Failing to do so will make the quest unable to be completed, locking your progress. Similarly, step six must be completed during Chapter 9, with Wonder number seven being to only one you can clear in the following chapter.

First Wonder

After receiving your first riddle for the First Wonder, navigate to the water tower in the center of the town's square and climb atop it to obtain the Phoenix Materia. From here, head back to the kid to receive the next riddle.

Second Wonder

Now that you have the second step, head to the Inn located on the west side of town and head upstairs without speaking to Sephiroth or anyone else inside. Once upstairs, enter the room and look for a painting of a woman hanging on the wall opposite the bed. Examine it and then go back to the kid.

The kid will mention that the girl in the photo sometimes exits the portrait, having you go back to examine it. Doing so will reveal that the girl is no longer in the picture creepy stuff. From here, keep moving from the first to the second floor until you see the innkeeper move from behind the counter. When this happens, tail behind him and follow him up the stairs and into the room with the photo.

Here, the innkeeper will reach behind the photo, place money behind it, and return the girl back to the picture. Confront the innkeeper, and he will give Zack 2,000 Gil to keep quiet about the picture and its secrets, solving the Second Wonder. From here, return to the kid to receive the next step.

Third Wonder

With the Third Wonder now given to you, you will have to head to Mt. Nibel in search of a different Bomb enemy. You will need to defeat it to bring proof of its existence back to the kid. To do this, travel up Mt. Nibel until you reach a fork in the road, take the east-most path, and follow it to the end.

Near the end of the pathway, you will encounter three Bombs: Gray Bomb, Touchy Bomb, and Remedy Bomb, all of which look very different than any of the ones you have faced throughout your journey. Use Blizzard-Materia and target the ones growing bigger to shrink them back down to size. Keep doing this until you defeat all of them to receive the Gold Shard item. Take the Gold Shard back to the kid and exchange it for the Safety Bit to receive information on the Fourth Wonder.

Fourth Wonder

The Fourth Wonder is a more challenging and involved one and takes place within the Shinra Manor (remember to avoid going into the basement at all costs when inside here!). Upon entering the Shinra Manor, head up the stairs and to the left, then take the first door on the right. Once inside this room, you will see the Laughing Safe with a note in front of it. Read the note to find a series of riddles you will need to solve to obtain the Laughing Safe's combination required to open it. You can find out how to solve all riddles in the table below!

Laughing Safe Riddle Solutions

Safe Number



First Number

"Knowledge Overflowing."

Remain on the second floor, head to the northeastmost room, and look through the keyhole. Count the number of books on the floor and atop the bookshelf but not the ones inside of the bookshelf.

Second Number

"Unwelcome Faces."

Head downstairs and look through the door's keyhole on the right side of the room. Look carefully for monsters dancing around the room, periodically shifting in and out of focus and out of your field of vision. Take your time here and make sure you have the correct number.

Third Number

"Tasty Reminders Of Home."

Navigate back upstairs and look through the keyhole of the room near the Laughing Safe. You are looking for Banora Apples of all forms, so count the raw fruit and the canned Banora Apples and be sure not to confuse them with similar-looking items.

Fourth Number

Resting On All Four Feet."

Go back downstairs, make your way over to the room on the far left side of the lobby, and peek through the keyhole. You will see lots of chairs in this room. Count all of them.

Now that you have the complete combination for the Laughing Safe, go back upstairs and crack it open to reveal a Cactuar that has been trapped inside. The Cactuar will run away, and the laughing will subside, but you will receive the Vital Slash Materia for your efforts, so it's worth the effort.

Fifth Wonder

After solving the Fourth Wonder, head to the Inn and speak with Sephiroth to advance through the story until you reach the basement of the Manor. After the cutscene ends, return to the kid to receive the steps for the Fifth Wonder. Do not progress the story past the point of the basement, or you won't be able to finish the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim.

From here, head back to the Shinra Manor and into the basement. Avoid the critical path door but go inside the other two doors instead to find coffins you can interact with inside of both. If you have played the original Final Fantasy 7, you know who resides in one of these coffins, but you will need a key to open it. You can obtain keys to these coffins by defeating enemies in the basement of the Manor, so go outside the coffin room and begin killing the enemies but remember not to interact with the critical path door!

After obtaining the keys, you will have to head back to the rooms with the coffins and open them. There's no telling which one has who you're looking for inside of it as it will always be random, but keep battling enemies and opening coffins like a mad person until a cutscene plays. After the cutscene plays out, leave the Manor and head back to the kid. Let us reiterate once more not to interact with the critical path door!

Sixth Wonder

For the Sixth Wonder, it's time to get dark! Progress the story up to the point where Nibelheim gets set on fire, and you return to the town's square. Once here, you will be informed that the kid's mom is trapped inside a burning house, and saving her is the Sixth Wonder. "What's the riddle?" you ask. Good question, because you have to navigate Zack through the burning house with the camera focused outside, meaning you have no clue where you're going. Oh, you also have one minute to do this.

Luckily, the camera will still slightly follow Zack, giving you some idea of where you need to go as you try to fumble through the smoke and flames. As a general rule of thumb, you will want to try to go all the way to the right after you enter the building, then up the steps before taking a left, then walking down towards the front of the house, and finishing things off by taking one more right to enter the kid's mom's room.

After picking her up, you will need to reverse your steps, meaning you will have to go left, up, right, down, and left. Exit the burning building with the kid's mom safe and sound to have him reward you with an ATK UP++ Materia.

Seventh Wonder

Progress through the story until Zack and Cloud leave Nibelheim, and the kid will shoot Zack an email containing the final riddle. Because, you know, why not? But, due to the events that transpired, the kid informs Zack that there is no longer a seventh riddle but that he instead left you a gift to find, which will complete the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim.

From here, you will need to progress until your reach the Nibelheim Outskirts. Once here, head over to the farmhouse to find a golden collectible on the ground in front of its fence. Pick this item up to receive the Wall Materia, thus ending the Mini-Game, Sub-Quest, thing…

Completing all seven riddles of the Seven Wonders of Nibelheim will reward you with the "Seven Wonders Expert" Trophy/Achievement.

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