Crimson Desert’s Combat System Will Include "Professional Wrestling Moves"

Crimson Desert’s combat system is going to look a bit different from Black Desert, as it’s been revealed you’ll be able to use “professional wrestling moves” to take down your foes. The news was announced by Daeil Kim, Executive Producer on Crimson Desert, during a newly released commentary trailer.

The trailer begins by discussing the world of Crimson Desert and the technological advances it makes over Black Desert. Kim wanted players to see mountains and rolling hills off in the distance – something not currently possible in Black Desert due to a limited draw-distance. From there, the footage shifts into combat, where Kim reveals a few of its inspirations.

“This scene shows Macduff breaking through an enemy’s guard and moving straight into a finishing attack,” said Kim. “We wanted to include professional wrestling moves in the game and ended up including moves like the ones you see here.” The footage in question comes at the 3:05 mark, where Macduff grabs his opponent around the neck and drives them into the ground – or, if you’re a WWE fan, it’s Matt Hardy’s Twist of Fate.

Taekwondo was a big inspiration for the team as well, so expect to see plenty of spinning kicks make an appearance during combat. It’s also possible to disarm enemies in Crimson Desert, leaving them without a way to attack you. Macduff can even pick up their dropped weapons and use it against them – a huge shift from Black Desert.

The entire commentary is full of insightful facts about the upcoming game. There’s even a second trailer, where other designers on the team talk about Crimson Desert and the ideas behind different mechanics. You can find the second trailer here.

Much of Crimson Desert is still shrouded in mystery, but these two clips go a long way towards filling in the blanks. Most notably, multiplayer components are conspicuously absent from both trailers – focusing instead on Macduff and his crew of mercenaries.

Crimson Desert is scheduled to launch in Winter 2021.

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