Crayta: Starter Edition Is Free on Stadia, PC Version Headed To Epic Games Store March 10

Crayta, the Stadia exclusive engine for creating and playing video games, is now completely free to play. The ambitious game-creation platform allows users to quickly and easily piece together multiplayer games and share them with other players online. Now, anyone with a Google account can access the game-maker.

This news was announced in a post to the game’s official website. In the post, the team behind the game shared several announcements that would mark “the next stage in their evolution.” One of those announcements is that the once Stadia-exclusive game would soon be available for Early Access on Epic Games Store. This version of the game would also be completely free and allow for full cross-play with Stadia.

Along with the free versions of the game, the team announced that the game will soon be getting a Battle Pass System. This feature, launching March 10, will offer a variety of themed cosmetics like new outfits, emotes, and more for players that complete Creator Challenges in various community games. The team hopes that this will encourage creators to be more creative with their gaming mechanics and also encourage players to try out as big a variety of games as possible.

They are also introducing new editions of the game for players. The Starter Edition is the free-to-play edition that will be available for all and will allow users to access all the creation tool and games and a small starter selection of cosmetics. Then, the Champion Edition will include all of that plus a “Premium Pack” of cosmetics, two extra theme packs, 500 credits, and the first two Battle Passes. Finally, the Deluxe Edition will offer all from the first two editions, plus an extra theme pack and 1000 credits.

The team also shared that Crayta would be introducing the latest Stadia-exclusive feature of Crowd Play. This feature allows streamers from YouTube to play and create games with viewers. They will also extend their Black Creators’ Prize Fund & Mentoring Programme until the end of May 2021.

Crayta was an ambitious endeavor when it launched last year and while the game was met with some mixed reviews, it definitely has the potential to become an amazing tool for both gamers and developers. Incorporating the free-to-play feature and expanding to PC through Epic Games is sure to turn this game into a must-have!

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