Crash Bandicoot’s Secret Minigame Gets A Fan Remake

There have been a lot of Crash Bandicoot games. That'll happen when a series is good enough that it sticks around for more than 20 years. There have been various Crash spinoffs throughout that time, but odds are many of you won't have heard of a rhythm game called Crash Party USA.

Despite Crash Party USA being tucked away in one of the most obscure corners of the Bandicoot's universe, the rhythm minigame is getting remastered. Not officially, but let's be honest, no matter how deep studios dig into video game history for ideas on what to remaster and remake, there was probably never going to be an official Crash Party USA revival.

Instead, you will have to rely on the hard work of Fierce The Bandit (thanks, Eurogamer). The dev flaunted their project on Twitter which they have dubbed Crash 'N' Dance. It was only included in a small number of Crash games on the Game Boy Advance, hence it being incredibly likely that it would have been lost to time if not for this remake.

As is the case with most rhythm minigames, the aim of Crash Party USA, and now Crash 'N' Dance, was to hit the right button at the right time. Each time you hit the right button, the Bandicoot busts a move. The only other character from the Crash universe you'll happen upon in the remake is Fake Crash. He's not a playabale character, but as was the case in the original, his head will occasionally pop into the frame in an attempt to distract you.

Completing the minigame in the original would reward you with a purple crystal and three missiles to use against a Crash Nitro Kart boss. The remake isn't playable just yet, but stay tuned to Fierce the Bandit's Twitter for further updates. When Crash will be getting an official new game remains a mystery. Updates to the mobile game On The Run and the Crash Party USA remaster will have to suffice for now.

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