Control: Every Hidden Location And How To Reach Them

Supernatural adventure Control is full of little details. You play as the mysterious Jesse Faden, the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, who must battle otherworldly forces that have invaded the Bureau’s headquarters.

While exploring the headquarters, there are many hidden locations to find. If you manage to discover them, you gain a helpful ability point to upgrade your health, attacks, and powers. These hidden locations can be tricky to find, so you will need to have access to all areas of the building first. There are 19 hidden locations, and here’s how to find them all.

Executive Affairs Hidden Location

Head over to the Executive Affairs area, and you’ll spot a giant pillar in the center. The hidden location is on top of it. You will need to use Jesse’s levitation power to reach this spot.

First, you will want to levitate towards one of the floating bodies, slow down above them, and when you land on them, you’ll be able to jump up once more and levitate high enough to reach the platform.

Communications Department Hidden Location

Fast travel to the Mail Room Control Point and head north. Climb up the stairs in the right-hand corner and then up another flight of stairs in front of you. At the top of the stairs, head right, and you’ll find a set of doors.

Inside, you need to levitate up onto one of the cells here, and you will unlock the ability point.

Communications Department Second Hidden Location

From the Mail Room Fast Travel Point, head up the stairs to the north, then the stairs right in front of you. There will be a door up ahead. Inside, you will see a room full of mold. This is the hidden location.

You need to complete the Old Growth Side Mission first. The pills you receive from Dr. Underhill will allow you to enter this room without dying.

Access Corridor Hidden Location

You need to take the elevator from Central Executive to the Maintenance Sector Access Corridor. As soon as you leave the elevator, look up. There is a hole you can levitate through.

Keep levitating up and up, using objects for support. Eventually, you will reach the hidden platform.

Break Room Hidden Location

Head to the same room in which you learned the Evade Ability (the Break Room near the Janitor’s Office). In this room, look up to spot a hole.

You can levitate up to it and get transported into the Astral Plane. The hidden location is unlocked, and now you need to navigate the platforms towards the light to escape.

Janitor’s Office Hidden Location

First, you will need to venture into Ahti, the Janitor’s office. Inside, go through the door on the left near the dartboard. Head through the tunnels until you reach a doorway on the left that opens into a wide-open area.

Levitate through this doorway and turn around to face the way you came in. There will be a hole to go through to the left on the wall to reach the hidden location.

Power Plant Hidden Location

At the HSC Power Plant, levitate to the top of the large tower in the middle of this room.

There are plenty of platforms to help you climb it. At the highest point, near a randomly placed television, you will unlock the hidden location and ability point.

Black Rock Quarry Hidden Location

From the Black Rock Quarry Entrance, head to the tunnel on the left. There will be a forklift resting against a wall. You can levitate through a hole or smash a forklift through the wall to reach a shaft.

Head down to the bottom to unlock the hidden location. This is another mold-covered area, so you need to have taken the pills from Dr. Underhill first.

Black Rock Quarry Second Hidden Location

At the Black Rock Quarry Entrance, to the left above is a hole you can levitate up to. There will be a level five security door up here, and through it, there will be several platforms to levitate up.

Eventually, you’ll reach a doorway on the fourth level, which leads to a tunnel system. Navigate through until you reach a door, and you unlock the hidden location.

Central Research Hidden Location

There are a few hidden locations that you can miss in the Central Research Department. At the Fast Travel point of the Central Research Area, you can look over the edge, towards the trees. To the right of the staircase below, you can see a window to an office.

Levitate down to it and smash through the window with Evade to access the hidden location.

Central Research Second Hidden Location

Look over the edge to the left from the Central Research Fast Travel Point, and you’ll see a balcony below with ivy. You can levitate down to it and smash through the windows.

Head through the door inside, and you’ll see another entry surrounded by mold. This is Lab Ten. The hidden location is unlocked when you walk up the stairs inside this room.

Central Research Third Hidden Location

Starting from the Central Research Fast Travel Point, you need to levitate higher and higher. There are various balconies to land on. You need to get higher than the trees in this area.

Once at the very top, there will be a doorway leading to Lab 79. Head through here and through a second door, and you’ll be in the hidden location.

Active Threshold Hidden Location

You will unlock the area this hidden location is in during the Old Growth side quest. You can then access it via the Active Threshold Fast Travel Point.

In the area consumed by mold at the Fast Travel Point, you can look up and see a few ledges. Levitate up to them, and you’ll eventually reach an alcove. Head inside to unlock the hidden location.

Active Threshold Second Hidden Location

In the Active Threshold area, head beyond the Fast Travel Point and levitate down to the large open space. There will be a sign for the restroom up ahead. Head that way, and you’ll see a gap in the ceiling.

It can be tricky to levitate up into the Hidden Location. You need to make sure you are directly below the hole before jumping up.

Logistics Hidden Location

From the Logistics Department’s Fast Travel Point, you need to turn around to face the big U.S map (a smaller wall will block it).

Above here in the ceiling will be a hole. Levitate up into this room to unlock another ability point.

Firebreak Hidden Location

Starting at the Logistics Department Fast Travel Point, head towards the Security Centre and beyond. Large doors will begin to open to reveal a bridge in the Firebreak leading to the Panopticon.

When on the bridge, turn back to the way you entered, and you’ll see to the right a hole in the wall. Levitate over to it to find yet another hidden location.

Upper Panopticon Hidden Location

On the fourth floor of the Panopticon (The same level where you can supervise a mysterious fridge), fast travel to the Upper Panopticon Control Point and head towards the fortified units. Go through the twisted passage in Unit 716 and keep heading straight.

Eventually, you’ll reach a very bright light up ahead. Levitate towards it as far as you can go, and you’ll find the latest hidden location.

Upper Panopticon Second Hidden Location

From the bridge outside the Fortified Units on the fourth floor of the Panopticon, you can levitate onto a half-fallen platform, then up onto a higher bridge on the fifth floor.

On top of this bridge, facing the swan, you can see a crumbled bit of the wall to the far left. Levitate to this gap, and once you’ve landed in the corridor, you’ll have reached the hidden location.

Transit Corridor Hidden Location

At the Transit Corridor Fast Travel Point, make your way south. You’ll see a subway sign. Just beyond it, you will see a window into an office to the right.

You’ll need to levitate up and break through the window with Evade, and you’ll land into the final hidden location.

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