Compete Against Players Worldwide In Surgeon Simulator 2 Clinical Trials Update

Bossa Studios recently announced the latest update for its zany VR surgery room game Surgeon Simulator 2. The update is called Clinical Trials, and rather than simply adding the update to the game and calling it done, Bossa Studios has instead turned the update into a week-long competition amongst its players, with chances to win “controllers, exclusive merchandise, official branded medals”, and the grand prize – a heart of gold.

From November 9 through November 13, Surgeon Simulator 2 players can participate in daily “clinical trials” that will put your VR skills to the test. According to the announcement, these trials will be a series of ridiculous challenges that you can train in as many times as you want before submitting your best for a chance to win one of the prizes.

Players will be presented with a different challenge each day for five challenges in total. The challenges for each day are:

  • Monday: Go The Limb-it! – Lobbing legs and tossing arms. Grab a limb from the conveyor belt, and toss it through the chute to score!
  • Tuesday: Tower Shower – Stack as many cardboard boxes as you can. Sounds simple? Trust us, it’s not.
  • Wednesday: Super Sausage Shredder – Powerful medical machinery meets hotdog eating contest. How many sausages can you shred in the Super Sausage Shredder?
  • Thursday: Cash Grab – Grab a coin and slot it into the Penny Pusher – how many coins can you win before your stash runs out?
  • Friday: Hand Ball-oon – One hand, one goal, many many balloons. Grab as many as you can and shoot them in the goal before the time runs out.

Practice well from Monday through Thursday, because the winner of Friday’s Hand Ball-oon challenge is who’ll win the heart of gold grand prize.

Note that you’ll be competing with other Surgeon Simulator players from all over the world throughout Clinical Trials week. Each day, once you feel you’ve got the hang of the day’s challenge, record yourself playing the challenge aiming to complete it as fast as you can. Then, using this handy submission form, send in the video of your best time and score for a chance at winning a prize.

The official How To Enter details and the full terms and conditions legalese are listed in the official Clinical Trials announcement.

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