COD: Black Ops – Cold War: Best Guns In The Beta

The beta weekends for COD: Black Ops – Cold War have kicked off and players are already experimenting and devising the best tactics to get that early edge over the competition. While there will certainly be changes made when the full game releases on November 13, not just in terms of balancing the guns already seen but presumably adding more, a meta has already started to form around the best guns in the beta. With such limited time to play during these weekend tests, you don’t have time to waste with subpar guns. Here are the best weapons in the Cold War beta you should be using.

Best Weapons In The Cold War Beta

The total selection of guns in the Cold War beta may not be as robust as you might expect considering the full release is so imminent, and yet that only makes determining the best weapons easier. Out of the top five picked, there’s one representing every category except the LMG. Hopefully, the full game ends up with a gun of that type worth using, but for the beta, you’re better off sticking with one of these.


If you were around back in the original Black Op days then you should be instantly familiar with the AK-74u. Not only is it back for Cold War, but it’s more powerful than ever. In fact, it is almost undoubtedly the best gun in the entire beta. It is unrivaled in close to medium range encounters and has close to zero recoil. Many expect this one to get nerfed sooner rather than later, so take advantage of it while you still can.


Another gun from the SMG class is the old favorite MP5. While this gun doesn’t hold a candle to the overpowered AK-74u, it is only slightly toned down from its Modern Warfare iteration. Even so, this gun is still very deadly up close and personal thanks to its high rate of fire and handling.


Out of the three assault rifles on offer, the XM4 has so far proven to be the standout of the bunch. While the recoil is low and does good damage, it isn’t quite as deadly as one would hope once you go beyond the mid range. It will do the job of cleaning up enemies or suppressing them, but don’t expect to get any quick kills at range.

LW3 Tundra

We only have two snipers to play with in the beta, but that just makes the choice of the Tundra that much easier to make. It can kill with a single shot to the head, upper chest, or shoulders has easy enough to control recoil and sway. It is an absolute blast to use. Expect to see this one on your kill-cam a lot.

Type 63

Last up is the Type 63 tactical rifle, which is a new section to COD games. This rifle is a semi-auto that has way more power than it probably should, taking down players in just two or three bullets. It has great accuracy and low recoil, with the only negative being a somewhat small ammo capacity. This is the gun most AR players will want to switch to if the XM4 isn’t cutting it.

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