Cocaine Bear Gets Official Pac-Man-Like Game Where You Hoard Coke And Eat People

The true 1985 story of a 175-pound American black bear overdosing on $2 million worth of coke is getting its own film this month, and to commemorate, the aptly titled Cocaine Bear has launched a web game styled on Pac-Man where you gather up drugs and eat random people. Don't try this at home.

The more coke you get, the faster you run, but if you hit an ambulance, you'll grind to a halt – cocaine bears don't like ambulances. You'd better be taking notes, just in case you ever run into your own Pablo Eskobear (thanks, GamesRadar). And, of course, to get points, which you need to get the highest score, you have to gobble up people.

However, where Pac-Man sees you running away from people (or, in that case, ghosts), this flips it. You're actively trying to hit them, essentially turning you – the bear – into the ghost. A ghost that savagely rips the limbs off people and bites down their necks. At least it's pixelated here – the film definitely won't be for the squeamish.

Cocaine Bear releases next Friday on February 24, so there's plenty of time to rack up a kill count far surpassing the titular beast. Make sure you go for the bags of cocaine, too, since those juice Pablo up more than anything else, giving you a good speed boost so you can catch even more randoms running in terror.

It's a fairly simple-looking game, with an old-school pixel aesthetic, while running in a more modern mobile resolution, making it easier to try out on your phone. And, as with most web games, it's completely free – all you gotta do is open the link and get stuck in. You won't get free tickets for earning a good score, but you can brag to all your friends who will definitely be joining in. Definitely.

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