Click This Link Or Secretlab Won’t Give Us Pokemon Chairs

Secretlab has just announced a new set of special edition chairs. Based on the Titan Evo 2022, which has multiple upgrades over last year’s model and serves as the base for several special editions that have already been announced, the Secretlab Pokemon Collection will be better than anything Secretlab has ever done because it’ll have Pokemon.

However, the Pokemon Collection is currently only being offered in Japan. In order for these chairs to come anywhere else, we all need to click the “register interest” link on the official Secretlab website and enter our emails. If not, the Pokemon Collection will be just another great thing that Japan gets and doesn’t share with the rest of the world.

There are two entries into the Secretlab Pokemon collection. First is “Pokémon #006 Edition,” cleverly named after Charizard’s official Pokedex number and featuring the fire dragon’s classic design embroidered onto the Titan Evo 2022’s NEO Hybrid Leatherette upholstery. Second is Pokémon #025 Edition, again named for Pikachu’s official Pokedex number and featuring the electric rat’s iconic face on both the front and back of the chair.

Everything else about the Pokemon Collection is standard on the Titan Evo 2022. This includes the Pebble seat base, four-way L-ADAPT lumbar support system, a magnetic memory foam head pillow, and a set of full-metal 4D armrests featuring Secretlab's CloudSwap magnetic replacement system.

I haven't been able to give the new Titan Evo a try, but Eric has, and he calls it “the absolute best chair I’ve ever tested.” He especially liked the new lumbar support system and the magnetic clips that keep the head pillow and armrests attached.

No price was announced because the Pokemon Collection hasn't been confirmed anywhere that isn't priced using Yenn, but if it's anything like Secretlab's other special edition gaming chairs, it'll probably be around $549.00. Unless those Pokemon designs come at a premium, which they very well might.

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