Classic Mario Enters The Age Of Battle Royale With Super Mario Bros. 35

The original Mario game enters the world of battle royale with Super Mario Bros. 35.

Surprise! A Nintendo Direct dropped today, and with it came a few new announcements that nobody saw coming. One of them is Super Mario 35, a game that turns classic Super Mario Bros. into a battle royale knockout.

As the title suggests, Super Mario Bros. 35 involves 35 players all playing a rendition of the 1983 classic. Only you’re not just playing against the computer–you’re also competing against 34 other players. The point is to outpace your opponent and be the last Mario standing. Whoever survives the longest and gets the farthest wins.

But there’s a catch. Defeated enemies like Goombas and Koopas get sent to your opponents. Use the R-stick to decide which opponent gets whichever enemy you defeat: the one with the lowest time, most coins, players that have previously attacked you, or a completely random player.

Coins matter, too. Coins can be spent on powerups like stars or mushrooms that will let you continue further and faster than the rest of the Mario squad.

Since this is an online competitive game, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required to play. Super Mario Bros. 35 is also a digital-only game, so don’t expect to find a cartridge in stores.

Super Mario Bros. 35 arrives on October 1, 2020, and will stick around for a limited time. On March 31, 2021, it’s gone for good.

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