Clash Royale update LIVE: April Deck changes revealed in new patch notes

Today’s April Clash Royale update is a big one, introducing Trophy Road, as well as a range of deck changes fans will want to know about.

Trophy Road is the game’s new progression system, allowing fans to pick up rewards as they smash their way through arenas.

These rewards could be several things, such as Chests, Cards and Gems, and they should be available to view while sifting through the various layers.

This is the highlight of today’s Clash Royale, but it is by no means the only change being made to the game.

The new patch notes also confirm the release of a new card, which is sure to be sending tremors through decks today.

Earthquake does not affect flying units, but it sounds pretty devastating against Crown Towers.

This new card is rare and costs some Elixer to use and sounds like the perfect weapon against buildings.

Fans can also look forward to new game modes being added to Clash Royale in the future, one of which might stand out from the rest.

The new Mega Deck Mode is likely to prove popular with fans on Android and iOS, giving everyone the chance to create a new Mega Deck from 18 Cards.

The mode will feature Increased Elixir generation and will require players to come up with new strategies to defeat their opponents.

Other new Game Modes include Elixer Rush and Dragon Hunt, both of which have their own special rules.

Elixer Droplets will be available to the team that controls the middle area of the map, while Dragon Hunt will include its own gameplay bonuses.

This again will see players fight to control the middle of the room, where a Dragon Egg can be attacked.

The player who manages to smash it open will get rewarded with a Dragon ally, something that will no doubt help win the game.

To find out about everything that has changed with today’s Clash Royale update, you can find the full patch notes below:


Trophy Road

  • Collect rewards as you earn Trophies and progress through the Arenas!
  • The higher your Trophies, the better the rewards! Earn Gems, gold, Chests, stacks of cards (of different rarities), Trade Tokens AND Emotes on the Trophy Road!
  • Protect your Trophies! Reaching a new Arena activates a Trophy Gate! This means you can’t drop below the Trophies needed for that Arena, or drop to a lower Arena! Once you hit 4000 Trophies, you will not drop below Legendary Arena’s Trophy Gate of 4000, but you can drop through League rankings.
  • Activate Chest Speed Up Boosts for 24 hours when reaching a new Arena – unlock those new Arena Chests faster!
  • Set your goals! See your Trophy Progress and what you need to do to get that next reward.
  • New rewards every Season! At the end of each League Season, alongside the Trophy reset, you will also reset your Trophy Road progress from 4000+. This means that each Season you will be able to earn new rewards throughout! Because of this, we are removing the League Chest, allowing you to instead earn rewards as you progress through a Season.
  • Royal Champion League lands in at 6600 Trophies, with Ultimate Champion League now starting at 7000+ trophies!
  • View your friends’ progress! Enjoy some healthy competition with your friends & Clan members – view their progress on the Trophy Road!

Existing/returning players will unlock ALL Trophy Road rewards – up to their current Trophies – after updating.


  • Earthquake!
  • 3 Elixir Cost, Rare Spell
  • Deals Damage per second
  • Deals full Damage per second to Crown Towers
  • Deals 400% Damage to all other buildings
  • Damages and slows ground Troops
  • Does not affect flying units (it’s Earthquake, not Airquake).



Create a Mega Deck from 18 Cards!

  • Increased Elixir generation
  • Increased Deck size (8 Cards -> 18 Cards – that’s how Mega works)
  • Develop new strategies, and new ways to defeat your opponent!


Use Elixir from the Arena to defeat your opponent!

  • Elixir spawns on both bridges, and must be collected by Troops!
  • An Elixir Storage in the middle of the Arena gives 2 Elixir when destroyed.
  • The last player to deal damage to the Elixir Storage before it is destroyed gets the Elixir.
  • Use this extra Elixir to gain an advantage over your opponent!


Players hunt an Elixir Egg and the first to destroy it spawns a Dragon for their side!

  • When the Elixir Egg is destroyed, another one spawns after 30 seconds
  • The spawned Dragon can be either Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon, or Electro Dragon!


“Help, I can’t find Leaderboards or Training Camp!”

We have cleaned up the Battle Tab, and rearranged some things. The Battle Tab menu now contains the following…

Activity Log, Leaderboards, TV Royale, Training Camp, Tournaments, Settings.


New prestige levels have been added for the following cards:

  • Rocket
  • Goblin Hut
  • Knight
  • Balloon
  • Zappies
  • Skeleton Army
  • Barbarian Hut
  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Magic Archer


This tab is your go-to for anything Event related! In the new Event Tab you will find…

  • Global Tournaments
  • Challenges
  • Limited Time Game Modes
  • Grand Challenges & Classic Challenges

Note: Private Tournaments now live in the Battle Tab menu!


  • Clone: Radius reduced 4 -> 3
  • New loading screen!
  • Emotes that are exclusive (not found in the Shop – won from Challenges etc) now have a snazzy Legendary background
  • Players won’t see the same Emotes over and over in the Shop!
  • Track your Quests Chest reward progress from the Battle Tab
  • Cleaner home screen UI
  • 2v2 Battles now have a 3 minute Overtime
  • New card images for Mortar, Tesla & Goblin Hut
  • Added a LIVE notification to News Royale, so you can watch live streams as they happen!
  • ‘Last seen online’ status added to Clan Members
  • Various performance/crash issues fixed
  • Supercell ID ‘2.0’! Improved user flow and you can now do more with your Supercell ID. Check it out in Settings.

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