Chinese Game Company Perfect World Looks To Be Working On A Persona Game For Mobile

During a conference for its mobile game lineup today, Chinese company Perfect World revealed a new RPG titled “Code Name: X” that is very clearly a Persona game. The news made the rounds on Twitter thanks to industry pundit Daniel Ahmad who Tweeted out the reveal along with a minute-long trailer. The familiar sights of the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo from Persona 5 are present along with some inspirational text that is very reminiscent of Atlus’ writing style.

There is still a chance that this title is not actually Persona, but Perfect World’s previous mobile offerings have been based on popular IPs such as One Punch Man and Million Arthur. Perfect World is also responsible for the Chinese versions of DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to be involved with Persona. The company has also stated this game is an adaptation of a popular console series, so it stands to reason that Persona is the culprit.

One thing that throws a wrench into things is that the famous Shibuya 109 department store isn’t referred to by its original name in Persona 5. Likely to avoid licensing costs (or simply to create distance from the real world), Atlus renamed the building the Shibuya 705 for its titles. Since Code Name: X has the original branding, it could be that this is just heavily inspired by the famous RPG series.

Either way, Perfect World is certainly looking to court Persona fans with its new mobile game. It’s not certain if this will ever make it overseas or when it will even release in China, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for it. You can never have too much Persona in your life.

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