Capital Ships, Factions, Strike Forces, And More In Latest Vendetta Online Update

Free-to-play sci-fi galactic warfare MMORPG Vendetta Online recently received a major update that affects all player-owned capital ships, along with an update for capital ship hulk debris and temporary kill-on-sight enhancements. The updates were announced via the Vendetta Online newsletter (here’s the web version) and on the official Vendetta Online website.

In an attempt to bring an increased level of deep space immersion, most player-owned and NPC capital ships will now leave behind a damaged ‘hulk’ object, representing a destroyed ship accompanied by a small debris field surrounding it. These are designed to help you identify locations of possible recent battles, and the plan is to have them contain resources and other items to scavenge in the future.

The updates also give new abilities to player-owned capital ships that expand the options players now have to remote pilot their capital ships. Previously, players were strictly limited to only two remote-piloting commands, ‘follow’ and ‘park’. The new update adds seven new remote-piloting commands:

  • Attack “name” – Causes your capital ship to use its primary equipped addon to attack other capital ships.
  • Cease fire – causes your capital ship to stop firing weapons, and park in place.
  • Defend “name” – Causes your capital ship to defend the specified character from attack by other capital ships.
  • Follow “name” – Causes your capital ship to follow the specified character within your current sector.
  • Mine – Causes your capital ship to use its equipped mining beam to mine a targeted asteroid; or will randomly choose an asteroid within 6km of the center of the sector to mine.
  • Patrol – Causes your capital ship to fly through a series of preset waypoints within a sector; note that it will not auto-defend itself if attacked while on patrol.
  • Prepare for docking – Causes your capital ship to turn its primary docking bay towards the selected ship to dock with; note that your ship will not ‘track’ the ship you’re attempting to dock with, and you can issue this command multiple times during the process.

Faction temporary kill-on-sight (TempKoS) changes were also implemented, according to the press release, “to enhance mitigation of repeated griefing or problematic PvP around the No Fire Zones of stations”. A Strike Force that causes “collateral damage” now has “factional ramifications for whomever originally triggered the Strike Force”. TempKoS timers now operate “on game-time (time spent logged-in, not wall-clock time) and do not end upon death”. And lastly, Corvus Strikeforces “now chase KoS players when they launch from a Corvus station.”

Check the newsletter press release for more specific details, including a recap of updates added since the last newsletter. To find out more about Vendetta Online, warp over to the game’s website, and its Facebook and Twitter channels.

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