Call Of Duty Zombies: The 10 Best Wonder Weapons, Ranked

The Treyarch entries in the Call of Duty series are well-known for being the ones that have a Zombies mode. While both Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer tossed their hat in the Zombies ring, Treyarch is still the master of the mode.

Starting off in World At War, the mode is still going strong in Black Ops Cold War. Since the first map Nacht Der Untoten, every Zombies map has some sort of Wonder Weapon. These are guns that are the most powerful ones you can get and, more often than not, have no damage cap, meaning they’re able to consistently kill in the highest of rounds.

10 GKZ-45 Mk3

The GKZ-45 Mk3, more often referred to as the Ray Gun Mark 3 was the Wonder Weapon of Gorod Krovi. The Ray Gun Mark 3 is a dual-wield weapon, with the left gun creating a small orb that slows zombies down and the right gun shooting out a ray that penetrates through zombies.

If you shoot the orb, however, it will create a small dark hole effect that will instantly kill the zombies that are close to it. It does eventually fall off once you get past Round 50, but it’s still fantastic until that point and useful for getting out of a pinch.

9 Acidgat

The Acidgat was the Wonder Weapon of what is widely considered to be one of the best maps in the series, Mob of the Dead. It made a return in its remaster Blood of the Dead as well. The Acidgat had to be built using the Acidgat Kit by putting the Blundergat inside of it.

When Pack-A-Punched, the Acidgat will have a Monkey Bomb-like effect, meaning the bullets will attract zombies to it before it explodes. When mixed with Electric Cherry, the Acidgat was able to easily get you out of sticky situations, making for a fantastic Wonder Weapon.

8 Lightning Bow

Der Eisendrache is one of the few maps with multiple elemental Wonder Weapons, with four different ones to choose from. The best of the bunch is the Lightning Bow. It has one of the easiest quests to obtain (tied with the Wolf Bow) but definitely the fastest.

When charged up, the Lightning Bow will create a tornado that sucks zombies up into it and kill them. This effect lasts for a good amount of time to, letting you catch your breath or get out of a corner if you ever get stuck in one.

7 Alistair’s Annihilator

Alistair’s Annihilator is the final form of the Dead of the Night Wonder Weapon the Alistair’s Folly. The quest to get the upgrade is incredibly tedious, needing to do six different quests to get all the materials needed.

Once you get through it all though, you’re gifted with one of the best Wonder Weapons in all of Black Ops 4. A charge shot will shoot 1 of 4 random kinds of effects, all of which will kill any zombie it touches regardless of the round. These range from a fire orb that disintegrates zombies to a giant tornado.

6 Hand Of Charon

Ancient Evil is another map that has four Wonder Weapons with different quests to obtain and different effects for each Hand. The best of which is the Hand Of Charon. The regular shot will shoot out a ball that tracks zombies and kills them.

What makes the Hand of Charon amazing is its charge shot, however. When used, it will create a pile of blood on the ground that all zombies are attracted to. They will then be dragged down to the ground and instantly die. This effect lasts for an incredibly long time as well, perfect for breezing through rounds.

5 Sliquifier

Pre-patch, the Sliquifier was the best Wonder Weapon by a mile, capable of ending a round with just one shot of it. It received a nerf, lowering the number of zombies it can kill. However, the Sliquifier is still one of the best Wonder Weapons out there.

It shoots out purple goo that causes zombies to slip and get killed. The downside to the Sliquifier is that the slippery effect affects you as well, and being on Die Rise can cause accidental deaths. However, careful use of it is all that’s required, and can still end rounds incredibly quickly.

4 Thundergun

What is one of the most iconic Wonder Weapons, the Thundergun despite its age is still incredibly strong. Introduced in Kino Der Toten, the Thundergun has appeared in plenty of other maps. A shot from the Thundergun shoots out a burst of wind that knocks back zombies and kills them.

The Thundergun is perfect for getting out of bad situations, as it has a wide range and the push effect helps to get out of corners if you get stuck in one. Hoarding a group of zombies together then shooting the Thundergun at them can take care of the entire hoard.

3 Ice Staff

Origins is generally considered to be one of the best maps, and a part of that charm comes from the Elemental Staffs it provides. It was the first time every player in a multiplayer game could have a main Wonder Weapon.

Between them all, the Ice Staff is the best upgrade. While it may not appear to be at first, looks can be deceiving. The storm effect is incredibly useful, and the Ice Staff is the best staff to bring into the high rounds. It’s so good standing in one spot shooting it is enough to get breeze through rounds.

2 31-79 JGb215

Perhaps the worst name for a weapon in Zombies, The 31-79 JGb215 (often simply referred to as the Baby Gun) was the Wonder Weapon of Shangri-La. It doesn’t actually do any damage, however, it still is one of the best Wonder Weapons ever.

A shot with the Baby Gun will shrink down zombies and make them all die in one hit while the effect is in place. This can either be done with bullets or by simply walking into them which will kick and kill them. This makes it so you can always kill zombies no matter the round.

1  Apothicon Servant

The Apothicon Servant was introduced as a buildable Wonder Weapon in Shadows of Evil and later put into the Mystery Box in Revelations. The Apothicon Servant shoots out a ball that causes a dark hole effect that sucks in zombies and instantly kills them. The damage doesn’t have any drop off either, so it will kill regardless of the round.

The Revelations version of it can be upgraded, making the effect last longer with a wider range. The quest to get it is easy as well and the Apothicon Servant is used to get to high rounds on both maps it appears in.

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