Call of Duty Warzone: Modern Warfare Battle Royale release update for PS4 and Xbox One

The week has arrived for the launch, or at least announcement, of the Call of Duty Warzone release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The coming days should include some huge news for fans to check out, if the recent reports are to be believed. For now, fans are hoping to see the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode to be released on March 10, 2020.

This has been a long-standing date for the new COD experience and there has so far been no indication from Activision that something big is happening this week.

So there are going to be plenty of eyes watching what is shared by the official Call of Duty social media accounts over the coming days.

And fans are hoping that it will all end with the arrival of the Call of Duty Warzone release date on March 10.


According to the latest reports being posted online, Call of Duty Warzone will be released this week across all platforms.

There will be no exclusivity period on one, followed by a launch on others, as we have seen in the past.

Instead, COD Warzone will be available to everyone, and we mean, everyone. The same reports claim that the new Battle Royale experience will be Free-to-play, although, there’s no current word on cross-play.


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There’s good reason to believe it will be made available during 2020, but until we learn more, we’re still in the dark on a lot of details.

From what has been shared, Activision is not planning a blind drop, like we saw used by EA for Apex Legends.

Instead, a new Call of Duty Warzone trailer will be released on Monday, providing the very first official details regarding the mode.

You can expect a lot of hype to surround the new launch if it does happen, especially considering it will be available to all.

For now, there’s no reason to believe that only Modern Warfare owners will be able to play Warzone this week.

This would make more sense when you think about the sheer amount of gamers who will want to play it.

But recent reports also suggest that Call of Duty Warzone will run in its own client and will have 200-player matches.

So there will be a need for a lot of players to jump in and play just to populate all the upcoming games.


According to Activision and developers Infinity Ward, nothing especially exciting is happening this week in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The team usually shares a rough outline of what they have planned in an official Community Blog.

However, no such post has been shared – at time of writing of this article – which is a little different from what we have seen in recent weeks. The break in communication could be seen as a hint in itself but there’s always another explanation for such changes too.

The COD team did cover the release of the new Tamagotchi feature that went live earlier this week as a surprise inclusion. This was part of the final blog shared, so there’s a chance we will hear more about COD Warzone on March 9.

Here are some of the tips shared about the Tamagotchi, just in case we are left to our own devices for another week: “Don’t see your Tomogunchi hatching? It will take a few hours for it to hatch and come out of its shell, and a good amount of time for it to fully evolve. Patience is a virtue.

“Your Pet can die if its needs are unmet. You can see if your pet is feelin’ sad just by looking at the watch. The exact reasons for its sadness – which are shown on the right of your screen – can be remedied by the following:

  1. Hungry (first face from top) – Getting Kills
  2. Dirty (second face) – Win Games
  3. Unruly (third face) – Objective Score
  4. Boredom / Sleepy (last face on bottom) – Activate Killstreaks
  5. There are other bonus charges that can be earned to evolve your pet faster, and the bar that shows this is at the bottom of the watch’s screen… But I’ll leave you to figure out what those are.

“Tomogunchi teens are unpredictable; from a Child, any Tomogunchi pet can evolve into one of two teens, which have their own Adult forms depending on how you take care of them. Two of them are a real treat for veterans of the Call of Duty franchise…

“And that’s not the only surprises in store; there are also some secret evolutions of pets, and you’ll have to do some tall tasks to unlock them. You’ll know when you get it because, when you do the interact gesture, you’ll hear a special sound. That’s when you’ll know you have unlocked a hidden evolution.”

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