Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer REVEAL: Gameplay stream times, maps, modes, more

Call of Duty fans are counting down to the big Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal.

Activision and Infinity Ward will unveil Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay at an event on August 1.

This includes new game modes, multiplayer maps, weapons, characters, skins, rewards and killstreaks (and more on those later).

It all begins with a pre-show at 6pm UK time, where Activision will debut a Modern Warfare multiplayer trailer.

The event continues with a gameplay live stream from 6.30pm BST. The gameplay live stream will be followed by post-show footage from 10pm UK time.

The running time suggests fans will be treated to extensive gameplay details and maybe even full multiplayer matches.

If you want to live stream the action, check back at 6pm BST when Express Online will embed the footage into this very article.

In the run up to the big event, Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward has revealed one or two details about the upcoming game.

As you can see from the tweet above, this includes news on some of the game’s killstreaks.

Killstreaks are special bonuses awarded for making successive kills in a single life.

Modern Warfare’s killstreaks include the Juggernaut care package, which contains the powerful assault armour.

Players will also be able to unlock an armoured assault vehicle, and controversially, the white phosphorus chemical weapon.

One mode that doesn’t need much of an introduction is the 2-v-2 Gunfight mode.

Taking place on smaller maps, everybody starts with the same loadout, although these switch every two rounds.

Rounds last for just 40 seconds, and the first team to win six rounds scores the overall victory.

Rounds with no clear victor go into a ten second Overtime phase, where the aim is to capture a flag or eliminate the remaining opposition.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has an October 25 release date on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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