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The MCPR-300 is the first sniper rifle in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and it hits the hardest. With a fairly easy bullet drop to see and a plethora of scopes, being able to know where to aim to hit the target's head in your scope will be so easy.

This sniper packs a punch, and feels so rewarding when you get one of those long-range headshots. If you are one of those snipers who love to sit on the fringes of the battlefield and pick off enemies at a safe distance, then this is the build for you.

MCPR-300 Build

This MCPR-300 build focuses on damage, range, recoil control, and accuracy. Once you have the gun fully leveled you can tune it to your liking, but these attachments will make the most out of the benefits of this long, heavy-hitting truck of a sniper. Let's take a look at the attachments necessary to get those 400-plus meter headshots.

Slot Attachment Name Pros (Increase) Cons (Decrease) Tunes
Muzzle FTAC Reaper Sound Suppression, Bullet Velocity, Damage Range, and Recoil Steadiness Aim Down Sight Speed, Aiming Stability, Aim Walking Speed +1.40 oz Weight, +0.39 in Length
Under Barrel Cornerstone Bipod Bipod Mount Aim Walking Movement Speed N/A
Barrel 22" OMX-456 Bullet Velocity, Damage Range, Recoil Control, Hip Fire Accuracy Aim Down Sight Speed, Movement Speed, Hip Recoil Control +0.50 lb, +0.40 in Length
Optic FTAC Locus SP 7.0x Magnification, 11.5x Magnification Toggle Medium Sniper Glint +3.00 oz Weight, +0.75 in Eye Position
Stock Cronen Lion Stock Aiming Stability Aim Walking Speed, Sprint Speed -4.00 oz Weight, +2.40 in Length

The tunes on this sniper turn an already great long-range sniper into a laser that can pick off enemies with precise accuracy across the map. This specific build is great for those who like to hide, camp, and remain outside the hot zone while picking off targets, making them wonder where they got shot from. Of course, you can change the tunes to your liking, but try this out and you'll see just how the damage and accuracy stack up at long distances.

To back up the attachments on this rifle, you will want the right Tactical, Lethal, Perk Packages, and Field Upgrades to go with it.


Slot Name Description
Tactical Spotter Scope This will prove extremely useful once you know how much your bullets drop over any given range by finding how far away enemies are, and taking them out on the first shot.
Lethal Proximity Mine If you are high up on a building with only one entrance, it's great to have this lying on the ground to alert you when enemies are nearby.
Perk Packages Overkill, Tracker, Cold Blooded, and Ghost Overkill will allow you to have a backup weapon for when your sniper position is overrun with enemies hunting you, while Tracker will help you find enemies on the map or enemies who are hiding in your sniper nest. Cold Blooded will hide you from enemy Thermal Optics and AI targeting Systems, and lastly, Ghost will prevent you from being seen by enemy UAVs, Heart Beat Sensors, and Portable Radars. High Alert would be another great option instead of Ghost.
Field Upgrades Munitions Box and Portable Radar These will allow you to refill your small amount of sniper ammo on the regular, as well as the ability to throw down a radar if you feel enemies are near.
Secondary Weapon Assault Rifle or SMG Having a good backup plan is half the battle as a sniper. If you run an Assault Rifle or SMG you'll be able to easily pick off enemies as they run to your location. It really comes down to preference. Using a short to mid-range build for either of these would be a great companion to this deadly sniper build.

This is a deadly combo — with the long-range laser of the MCPR-300 and the Spotter Scope with the range finder, you'll have no problem getting those massively long headshots. Add the backup of the Proximity Mines, Munitions Box, Portable Radar, and Secondary Primary Weapon you'll have no trouble defending your sniper's nest. There is nothing more aggravating than an accurate sniper with a hearty defense in the back of the map picking off your team who can't be touched or taken out.

The hardest part about this build will be finding a high enough sniper's nest that is far enough back to still see the majority of the battlefield. With some trial and error, you'll find the perfect way to aim each shot. With that, you should have everything you need to make the most of the MCPR-300.

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