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In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 the LA-B 330 is all-round a solid sniper. It plays a bit like the KAR from Warzone, so if that was your weapon of choice, this may be the next step for you.

A bolt-action steady sniper that packs a punch is hard to come by. It is a great middle-ground for those that aren't keen on the heavy snipers like the MCPR-300 or Signal 50, and aren't fond of the needle-hitting SP-X 50. This just may be the sniper for you.

LA-B 330 Build

This LA-B 330 Build centers around Damage, Range, Accuracy, and Recoil Control. With some minor tweaks, it can be quite versatile in those close-range firefights too. This specific build is for those who nest far away from flashpoints. A quick and deadly sniper like this will make quick work of any enemies unfortunate enough to find themselves in your cross-hairs.

Let's see the attachments to get the best out of this sniper rifle:

Slot Attachment Name PROS (Increase) CONS (Decrease)
Barrel 23.5" Fluted R-67 Damage Range, Hip Fire Accuracy, Movement Speed, Bullet Velocity Hip Recoil Control, Aim Down Sight Speed, Recoil Control
Muzzle FTAC Reaper Sound Suppression, Bullet Velocity, Damage Range, Recoil Smoothness Aim Down Sight Speed, Aiming Stability, Aim Walking Speed
Underbarrel Corner Stone Bipod Bipod Mount Aim Walking Movement Sped
Comb Cronen GI40 Cheek Riser Flinch Resistance Sprint Speed, Sprint to Fire Speed
Optic Corio 13x VRS 7.0x Magnification, 13.0x Magnification Toggle Large Sniper Glint

If Bipods and Toggle Optics aren't your thing, you can swap those out for the ZLR T70 PAD Extention and the Corio LAZ-44 V3 laser to help with that aiming stability and aim down-sight speeds. The default optic for this gun is great, and this alternative will make you a more mobile and quicker-scope sniper.

The downside of the laser is that you will have a laser visible to enemies when aiming down sights, but with the benefits of better aiming, stability, and faster aim down sight speeds. While the benefits of the ZLR T70 PAD Extension grant you crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and faster aim down sight speed, it does have the drawback of less recoil control.


Slot Name Description
Tactical Flash Grenade Great for blinding enemies giving you a chance for that perfect snipe
Lethal Drill Charge or Frag Grenade Great for pressuring enemies in buildings or below your building when moving around or stationary. The trusty old Frag Grenade is always a good choice
Perk Packages Overkill or Double Time, Tracker, Fast Hands, and High Alert The second primary weapon Overkill grants is always a great choice, but if you are comfortable with your sniper alone, feel free to go with Double Time to make movement easier. Tracker will make getting those snipes that much easier by seeing enemy movement. While Fast Hands will increase your reload speed. High Alert will help you not get hit and possibly get the drop on them before they know you are aware
Field Upgrades Recon Drone and Dead Silence Knowing enemy positions is a great hand to play when using a sniper, the Recon Drone can help you with that. Dead Silence is pretty useful when you are on the move and don't want to be heard
Secondary Weapon Assault Rifle or SMG If you aren't comfortable using just the sniper an Assault Rifle or SMG can prove extremely useful when running around the battlefield to find a new position, fending off enemies at your current position, or when you find yourself in those pesky indoor firefights

This sniper in the right hands can be a one-man army, and there may not be a need for a backup weapon. If you are fast and accurate with your quick scopes then the alternative option may be the best for you. The first option pairs very well with an alternative primary weapon. It fully depends on your play style, and whether you are an edge-of-boarder type of sniper or if you are a run-and-gun quick-scope shoot-out type of sniper.

The LA-B 330 is really the best of both worlds when it comes to sniping, it packs a punch but isn't devastatingly heavy like the MCPR-300 and is mobile like the SP-X 50. Leveling it up is really fun too, when you put all your attachments to Aim Down Sight Speed and Stability. Now that you have a great LA-B 330 Build go try it out and make every shot count.

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