Call of Duty Mobile Zombies release latest as Halloween update hits iOS and Android

Call of Duty Mobiles Zombies fans are still having to wait for the new mode’s release date, but in the meantime the major Halloween update has dropped.

The Call of Duty Mobile Halloween update is live right now and will help get COD fans in the spirit for the spooky season.

The Call of Duty Mobile Halloween event is the first seasonal promotion for COD Mobile since the free-to-play game dropped at the start of October.

The Call of Duty Mobile Halloween event gives fans a chance to play on a Halloween version of the Standoff map.

The main menu has also been given a spooky overhaul while Call of Duty Mobile fans will also be able to unlock the new ‘Sparrow’ operator skill.

The new version of the Standoff map is set at night and features lights and Halloween jack o’ lanterns all over the place.

Call of Duty Mobile players can try the new map out in Team Death Match, Search & Destroy and Domination.

In a post on the Call of Duty Mobile Reddit page Activision gave fans an update on what to expect from the Halloween event.

They wrote: “As you have seen in-game, we have our first seasonal event is starting up just in time for Halloween!

“There will be limited-time content releasing throughout the event period.

“Check out plenty of new treats to acquire, new skills to master in BR, new limited time modes, and more.

“The team dug up something early for everyone, so enjoy a Halloween themed version of Black Ops 2′ Standoff map before the ghosts and ghouls take over.

“Find it now in TDM, S&D, or Domination.”

Activision added: “We have patch notes up in-game giving an overview of the event along with some changes, but we’ll have an Activision blog releasing on October 21st that will cover more of those tantalizing and terrifying details about that event!

“Keep an eye on that general Activision Games Blog area for that post.

“10/18 ~ Halloween event begins.

“10/18 ~ Sniper Only Mode + Sniper Only Challenge.

“10/21 ~ Sparrow Operator Skill Event.

“That’s just a taste of the frightful delights coming throughout this event, so just keep a watchful eye out for more news and information.”

The news comes as Call of Duty Mobile fans are still waiting for the Zombies release date.

Activision has not revealed when the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies mode will be out but there’s reason to believe the release date could be soon.

A working preview was shared all the way back in May 2019, making it sound like Activision is waiting to launch the mode.

Timing-wise, Halloween would make a lot of sense to launch such an experience, considering the creepy factor involved.

Maybe the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies mode will get a release date closer to Thursday October 31?

That is when the Call of Duty Mobile Halloween event ends so maybe Activision will follow it up with the highly anticipated Zombies release.

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