Call Of Duty Cold War: How To Identify The Spies In Operation Red Circus

The newest addition to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops: Cold War, includes with it a variety of missions that takes players around the world to both sides of the iron curtain during the Cold War in 1981. One of those missions is an optional side called Operation Red Circus.

This operation, which could be started after Fracture Jaw, is best started after collecting the right evidence in order to correctly identify three spies out of a list of suspects. These spies with their leader Vadim Rudnik, will help install new communist governments across Western Europe once Perseus’s plan succeeds.

It is important to note that what the evidence reveals is different for everybody. But what is the same is where the evidence is located and the method for identifying. Here is where to find the evidence and tips to identify the correct spies.

Evidence 1: Franz Kraus’s Ledger

The first piece of evidence that can be discovered is the ledger belonging to Franz Kraus during the mission, Brick In The Wall. The player will eventually find themselves in Kraus’s apartment where the first clue could be found.

Stealth is key since being detected will result in a game over and the player will be sent to the last checkpoint. Go up the stairs and enter the first door on the left to enter a bedroom. Open the bedside cabinet on the right to find the ledger and the first clue.

What It Reveals

The ledger will show payments and loans made to select aliases in certain locations on certain dates. In the above example, Beaded Lady was paid $15,000 in Dijon, France on 09/04/80.

The other two show that Strong Man was paid $7,000 in Barcelona, Spain on 01/09/80 and that Juggler was loaned $12,000 in East Berlin, Germany on 09/16/80. Provides some good stuff but not enough to identify suspects just yet.

Evidence 2: Cassette Tape With Activities Report

Nothing really feels as 1980s as cassette tapes. But this particular cassette tape is important to the operation and it can found in the Echoes Of A Cold War mission, which is a treasure trove of callbacks for original Call of Duty players.

It can be found in the first area of the ruined base after clearing out some guards outside. In the center of the room near some consoles is a table with the cassette tape and the next piece to the puzzle.

What It Reveals

The tape is an audio log of an activity report of the three suspects that were listed above. The example here shows Bearded Lady reporting on a key vote in parliament, Stron Man is worried they may be compromised and Juggler fears they may lose an upcoming election.

Here more is revealed such as the revelation that Strong Man is actually a woman while Bearded Lady is actually a man. It is still not enough though but the truth is getting closer to being revealed.

Evidence 3: Wristwatch Containing Dead Drop List

The final piece of evidence can be found in the next mission, Desperate Measures. It can be found in the first section of the mission that sees Dimitri Belikov, a KGB member who is a double agent for the CIA, explore the Lubyanka building in Moscow to obtain a keycard for Adler and Bell.

The wristwatch in question can be found on the bottom-most floor, an area most players may glaze over. The area, which can be reached after turning off the cameras, is restricted to even Belikov so watch out for guards on patrol. Enter the records room and dispose of any guards if need be. The watch can be found on a desk in the adjoining office.

What It Reveals

The three spies are shown either delivering or being delivered different items at different places on varying dates. Bearded Lady in this example delivered three files in Krakow, Poland on 10/04/80.

Below him, Strong Man received a list of parliament members slated for recruitment in Copenhagen, Denmark on 12/04/80 while Juggler received blackmail material on certain targets in Paris, France on 1/21/81.

Identifying The Spies

After the evidence is collected, it is time to finally identify the suspects. Go back to the suspect board which shows a list of eight people, their genders, where they have traveled recently and the dates they traveled there. It is important to note that the correct suspects are different for everybody.

If two out of three of the locations the suspect traveled to line up with the dates of the spies from the evidence, that person is a spy. In the above example, suspect Alex Superty was in East Berlin on 09/16/80 and Paris on 01/21/81. Juggler was in those places on those same exact dates meaning both Juggler and Alex Superty are one and the same.

After picking the suspects to pursue, initiate the mission to kill Rudnik. The player will be notified at the end of the mission if they identified the correct people as spies. This will also unlock a calling card for use in multiplayer and zombies.

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