Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update time for Operation Apocalypse Z Rising, patch notes

A massive Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update is being released today by Treyarch Games, who have also kindly provided early patch notes.

The big release for Operation Apocalypse Z Rising is timed for July 9 and will include a new patch to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

As the name suggests, the undead will be at the forefront of this season of content, with events and updates occurring throughout the Operation.

So fans should be ready to hear about the content that might not be available straight away.

It should also be noted that like other big COD updates, PS4 gamers will get to play much of this new content first, followed by Xbox One and PC gamers a week later.

Treyarch has warned that today’s update will be going live at around 6pm in the UK, or 10am PST, in the United States.

According to the official roadmap, Operation Apocalypse Z Rising will include the new specialist Reaper going live during its first week.

For those that might not have played Black Ops 3, Reaper is an experimental war robot that will have added abilities focused on heavy assault and disruption in Bo4.

“Reaper is a heavily armed robotic Specialist that utilises explosive firepower to gain the upper hand,” a message from Treyarch teases.

“Reaper’s Special Issue Weaponry is the Scythe – a high-damage machine gun with explosive rounds and a fast fire rate that also inflicts a suppression status effect to nearby enemies.

“Reaper’s Special Issue Equipment, the Radar Shroud, is a deployable jamming device that conceals an area on enemy mini-maps. This equipment allows Reaper and his teammates to operate undetected within the Shroud’s radius. Reaper is available at Tier 1 of the Operation, and will be playable in Multiplayer once unlocked.”

Other featured content coming this week includes Alpha Omega in Zombies, Sticks and Stones in multiplayer, thress Black Ops Pass MP maps, new Blackout map updates and Nightfall descends on Alcatraz.

This will mean more Zombies in Blackout, with the undead leaving the main map in ruins as windows have been boarded up to secure safety, and the waters run red with blood.

Two variants of the Blackout main map will be available: one that updates the traditional playlists (Solos, Duos, Quads) with a light fog and unique Zombies-inspired theming including a familiar voice at the beginning of the match; and the second, a limited time playlist aptly named “Quads Fog”, has similar environmental changes but with a much thicker and more foreboding haze.

In a post shared by Treyarch, it was revealed that the new Black Ops 4 update would also bring exclusive new content for Pass owners, including the Alpha Omega Zombies expansion.

“Following the events of “Classified” and “Blood of the Dead”, the Primis and Ultimis crews travel to a secret Broken Arrow facility at Nuketown.

“This gameplay space, which is 400% larger than “Nuketown Zombies”, features both familiar nostalgia and new elements. In “Alpha Omega”, players will face new enemies, including Jolting Jacks and Nova 6 Bombers that are deadlier evolutions of the Nova 6 Crawlers from “Kino Der Toten”.

“Plus, you’ll fight against a new special round foe, the Lightning Hounds. As the Aether story heads toward an epic conclusion, “Alpha Omega” works to unravel the mysteries of the beginning and the end.”

There will also be three more Multiplayer maps and a new Zombies experience available to Black Ops Pass owners in Operation Apocalypse Z.

The Multiplayer maps will join the regular map rotation in Core and Hardcore playlist along with a dedicated Map Pack Moshpit playlist at the beginning of the Operation.

Early Patch Notes for today’s Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update:


  • New Specialist: Reaper
  • New Game Mode: Sticks & Stones
  • New Maps (Black Ops Pass):
  • Der Schatten
  • Remnant
  • Havana (Black Ops Flashback)
  • New Alt Map: Jungle Flooded

+ More


New Map Updates:

  • The Haunting Fog – An apocalyptic transformation to the main map.
  • Alcatraz: Nightfall – The prison island under the cover of darkness.

New Game Modes

  • Quads Fog – A limited-time Quads playlist where cloudy skies hang over an ominous fog.
  • Alcatraz Portals Horde – An Alcatraz game mode with more Zombies enemy types that spawn throughout the map.
  • New Weapons/Equipment

New Playable Characters:

  • M. Shadows
  • Russman
  • Danny Trejo


  • New Experience: “Alpha Omega”
  • New Elixirs:
  • Head Drama
  • Phoenix Up
  • New Perk: Blood Wolf Bite

Black Market

  • 40 new Contraband stream Tiers
  • Zombies-themed Specialist outfits
  • New Mastercrafts and MKII Weapons
  • Earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe

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