Buy This Mind Boggling Bullet Hell Game Shinorubi

The frantic bullet hell game Shinorubi will be released next week on January 20, 2022. The game will be in Early Access until the full version comes out at some point in the summer. Drawing inspiration from classic danmaku games, Shinorubi is a “pure dose of adrenaline and frenetic action in an arcade space battle.”

“Shinorubi offers a fast paced arcade action pack with great replayability thanks to the many available difficulty levels, arrange modes, different spaceships, online leaderboards, and achievements.”

Pick from three pilots and their spaceships that each feature unique weapons and characteristics before embarking upon your journey through a barrage of bullets. There will be eight pilots in the full version. “Survive the barrage of enemy fire, destroy your enemies, and collect stars and medals. All this while using your bombs as little as possible.” You also have access to a powerful special ability that unlocks after you shoot down enough bogies. “When your Fever charge bar is full, it automatically triggers to cancel enemy shots on screen and improve your points. The side effects are boosted weaponry and improved bonus stars when you destroy your enemies.”

The game offers a variety of different modes including Classic and Boss Rush in addition to six Arrange modes that change things up with special challenges. Three more will be added in the full version. These currently consist of Shield, Cancel, Laser/ Shot, Journey, Pink Pig, and Super Rank.

Shinorubi is based on a suitably spacey premise. “For a thousand years, the Baäa family has reigned as despots on planet Shinorubi. This planet is the source of the R-r substance which offers infinite power and exceptional longevity to its owners.” But things are coming to a head. “A unique alliance of eight experienced mercenaries will attempt to put an end to the dictatorship of the Baäa family and its hold on the R-r compound by taking advantage of a singularity of the planet Shinorubi which takes place once every thousand years. The endless night is coming on Kaddin, the capital of Shinorubi, as spaceships are approaching.”

Shinorubi pays tribute to danmaku games of the arcade variety like Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga which came out back in 1998 and 2001, respectively. The bullet hell genre is long overdue for a comeback and Shinorubi might just be leading the charge.

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