Bungie Implements Work-From-Home Policy Due To Coronavirus

As COVID-19, also know throughout the media as the Coronavirus, continues to spread around the world, many business organizations are taking precautions to limit potentially aiding the number of people infected. Bungie is the most recent to announce such a precaution, as the virus is confirmed to be in Seattle. Considering their base of operations is in the city, implementing a work from home policy for the foreseeable future.

Bungie has been preparing for such an eventuality by creating the appropriate infrastructure that would allow their employees to continue working remotely from their homes. As a result, it appears that all of Bungie’s operations will remain intact. According to the above tweet, such a shift in how employees perform their dutires will have no adverse affect on the timing of the upcoming March 10 event in Destiny 2.

Bungie is the most recent organization to announce this shift in how business operates in a time of spreading illness. Its decision clearly looks to be playing on the safe side of things. Others have spoken about the coronavirus, and have pledged to keep an eye on things but are not being as cautious. This is most notable with E3, as the ESA looks to push ahead with the convention later this year.

Interestingly, and quite unfortunately, one could speculate that E3 will be pushed through no matter how bad the situation gets due to the waning influence of the event. E3 might be forced to go on with the show in an act of desperation to try and remain relevant among an industry that considers it less and less essential with each passing year.

While the spread of the coronavirus is trouble, to say the least, the move by Bungie may be one in a long line of actions taken by other organizations, and there may be no going back long after the threat of illness has passed. In the past few days, Twitter, Amazon, and 31 of the worlds largest organizations have asked that their employees engage in similar remote work.

If the threat of illness persists for long enough, working remotely may no longer be an oddity, but the norm. An unintended consequence of the threat of a spreading coronavirus may be a restructuring of the employment landscape as employees find themselves able to work without the need to commute, and employers may see the benefits of reduced overhead expenditures if they do not need to provide a central hub for workers to meet every day.

In the meantime, Bungie remains optimistic that its remote employees will be able to keep Destiny 2 up to date, so gamers can at least have something to do while staying home to avoid contracting any illness themselves.

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