Bungie Gifts Employee An Exotic Sleeper Simulant Replica For 20 Years Of Service

Bungie’s weapon designs for Destiny 2 are some of the best across FPS games. Every single weapon in every archetype has a unique sound, reload animation, and design. Naturally, seeing any of these weapons in real life would be a dream come true for most players, which is exactly what has happened with a Bungie employee who completed 20 years at the company.

Tom Gioconda, also known as Achronos, recently marked his 20th anniversary at Bungie, currently working as a server engineer at the company. To commemorate two decades of employment, Bungie gave him a replica of the Sleeper Simulant exotic linear fusion rifle – something that isn't even available to the general public.

We've seen replica Destiny 2 weapons before, but none of this quality. Everything has been recreated to the smallest detail, better than anything fans can pick up for themselves. It looks very complicated and definitely one of a kind, so good luck if you're hoping to copy it for yourself.

Sleeper Simulant’s design is quite complex, considering there are so many tiny details to consider and accurately recreate. Additionally, this replica seems to be made out of metal as opposed to being 3D printed. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to procure this replica for yourself – unless you have spent 20 years as a Bungie employee, of course.

In other Destiny 2 weapon news, the most broken gun in the game, Telesto, recently became sentient. It hijacked Bungie’s social media accounts and had also taken over a number of other third-party apps and websites. The gun has broken the game so many times since its introduction that this was the perfect way for Bungie to tease its next season, which starts in just under a month's time, December 6.

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