BTS World out NOW: How to download BTS game on Android and iOS

BTS World has launched today, with fans of the South Korean boyband able to download the highly anticipated management-sim on Android and iOS.

BTS World offers fans the chance to manage the K-Pop sensations from the start of their career and guide them to world superstardom.

The BTS World game had its release date and launch time today, with the BTS game available to download for free on Android and iOS.

Here is the official description for BTS World: “You’re now BTS’s Manager!

“Select BTS Member Cards to successfully clear missions!

“Collect different cards and upgrade them to unlock and enjoy more story content and even interact with the members!

“Help nurture BTS on their quest to become great artists!

“We look forward to working with you!”

The BTS World game can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play Store.

Click here to visit the App Store listing for BTS World, while clicking here will direct you to the Google Play Store.

If you want to run BTS World on an iPhone then you need to have iOS 9.0 or later installed and be running at least an Apple iPhone 5S.

BTS World won’t take up much space on your iPhone or iPad, with the BTS game just a 203.2MB download.

If you want to download BTS World on an Android device then you need to be running Android 4.4 and above.

Android fans only need to free up 96MB to download BTS World onto their devices.

Here are the main features of the BTS World game app for Android and iOS…

• ‘Help BTS Debut! Dramatic, cinematic 〈BTS STORY〉

– Embark on a journey where you and BTS grow together!

– Bring the members together and help them develop into great artists!

• What if they never joined BTS? 7 members, 7 different stories 〈ANOTHER STORY〉

– “I’ll be your strength!” Befriend the different members and help them solve their problems to fulfill their dreams!

– Enjoy various genres of storytelling, from Mystery to Comedy to Sports and more!

– Detective Kim Namjun/Handsome Hotelier Kim Seok Jin/Min Yunki and the Music Academy/White-coated Angel Jeong Hoseok/Park Jimin’s Rice Cakes, Dancing, Tears/Lv. 1 Farmer Kim Taehyung/Jeon Jeongguk and the Taekwondo Club

• “Who keeps pressing ‘Like’ on every new photo?” 〈1 on 1 conversations with the members of BTS〉

– Texts! Social Feed! Voice Calls! Video Calls! Your battery can’t keep up with all these conversations!

– Increase Affinity with the members! Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn their innermost thoughts!

• Available exclusively in BTS WORLD: 〈BTS Member Cards〉

– “I bet you’ve never seen a moving photo card before – right?” Collect moving photo cards of BTS and let the members speak to you!

– Collecting and upgrading your different BTS Member Cards will reveal even more exclusive stories and interactions with the members!

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