Breath Of The Wild Players Are Still Coming Up With Amazingly Creative Solutions For Literally Everything

When Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 2017, it broke the mold for a Zelda game. Gone were the linear playthroughs with a progression of increased difficulty and skill. In place was a new and vast open world Hyrule that could be explored in any way, shape, or form players desired. There isn’t even a wise and irritating owl getting in the way as you try and get on with ridding the kingdom of its perils (and we can all be glad about that).

This world of open play does not just extend to the map’s locations, however. Even the way one engages with the Breath of the Wild puzzles is totally up to your own play style. From the clever use of bombs to launch Link skyward to rolling boulders down a rocky overhang into an unsuspecting enemy camp, the options are endless.

It may be easy to assume that all methods of game completion have been tried and tested by now. After all, Breath of the Wild has been out for a while, and more than a few new games have been released in that time to draw players’ attention. And yet, fans are still finding fun new solutions to tackle the world of Hyrule. Reddit user Razor54672 shared their creative way of completing one of the many in-game shrines.

The Daqa Koh shrine in the Eldin region offers players a trial known as Stalled Flight. A massive block with an electric generator perched atop it stands within, periodically being launched up by the platform below and into an electrical conductor. This surge of power opens the gate to the monk where, traditionally with a timely use of the Stasis rune, players can glide Link through to claim the Spirit Orb. That method was too plebian for Razor54672, however. Instead, they used a well-aimed Shock Arrow and completed the shrine in a sprightly 26 seconds.

This is not the first, and there is no doubt that it won’t be the last, creative bit of gameplay to be shown off in Breath of the Wild. Gamers have previously shared their ingenious (and incredibly amusing) ways of ridding Hyrule of the Yiga Clan. Seeing the cocky ninjas being zapped and launched across the screen is incredibly satisfying to watch, let alone pull off.

This year the Zelda franchise turns 35, and expectations of a new game or some rereleases a la Mario 3D All Stars (but better) are high. Will 2021 be the year that the sequel to Breath of the Wild finally comes to fruition? Only time will tell. Until then, players can still keep the good times rolling with more eclectic gameplay across Breath of the Wild’s playground of a map.

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