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Bravery And Greed combine the fast-paced action of a beat-em-up game with the class types of a fantasy RPG, thus resulting in an equally unique and familiar experience. All the genre favorites are here, including rogues, wizards, and warriors.

So, how do these characters work? Bravery And Greed's combat system has a straightforward four-button control scheme. Furthermore, each character uses similar input commands for their skills. However, how these skills work in each class is vastly different. Each character has specific strengths, weaknesses, and learning curves.


Since Bravery And Greed is on multiple consoles, its control scheme will vary depending on your controller. Furthermore, you can change the control scheme to your liking in the Options. Therefore, for clarity, here is a key to understanding each move list, no matter what controller you use. Assume all commands are when the character is facing right.

Button Abbreviation
Normal Attack At
Special Attack Sp
Wand W
Jump Jump


The Warrior is a melee fighter specializing in close-range physical attacks. While they do not have a ranged weapon, the Warrior makes up for this lacking with a shield that heightens defensive and offensive capabilities. Due to their expanded defense and higher HP, the Warrior makes an appropriate Beginner-level character.

Move Move Quality Command
Combo Three-hit sword attack At, At, At
Up Attack A leaping attack that covers a longer distance ⬆️+At
Charge Attack A broad sword attack [Hold] At [Release to Activate]
Jump Attack A leaping anti-air attack Jump, ⬆️+At
Hop Attack While in the air, the Warrior's sword extends with a blue flame and pokes the opponent Jump, ⬇️+At
Block The Warrior blocks enemy attacks with a shield [Hold] Sp
Shield Dash The Warrior charges through enemies with the shield Sp+➡️
Step Back With Shield The Warrior dodges backward while blocking Sp+⬅️ [make sure to press Sp first]
Parry Parry attacks and projectiles [Hold] Sp and press ⬆️ before an opponent's attack lands
Gather Courage The Warrior bangs their shield, adding damage to their next attack [Hold] Sp+⬇️


The Rogue is a fast, stealthy, and well-balanced class. Their dual blades grant long and fierce combo chains. However, their ranged weapon, a bow-and-arrow, allows them to create distance from enemies and reduce the risk of damage. While the Rogue can use a stealth technique for temporary invincibility, their defensive skills are limited. We recommend this class for Intermediate players or those experienced with action games.

Move Move Quality Command
Combo A four hit combo that ends in midair At, At, At, At
A Thousand Blades An anti-air attack where the Rogue directs several blade strikes above them ⬆️+At
Dash Attack The Rogue charges through enemies, knocking down all in their path [Hold] At
Air Launch Attack The Rogue launches the enemy with a blade strike while midair Jump, ⬆️+At
Air Smash Attack The Rogue strikes enemies from above Jump, ⬇️+At
Fire Arrows Rapidly fire arrows directly in front of you Sp, Sp, Sp
Rising Arrows Shoots three arrows upwards simultaneously ⬆️+Sp
Diving Arrows Shoots three arrows downward simultaneously while in midair Jump, ⬇️+Sp
Charged Arrow Aiming Allows you to aim arrows directly at enemies [Hold] Sp, Aim with ⬆️ and ⬇️, Release Sp to shoot
Stealth Grants temporary invincibility [Hold] ⬇️+Sp


The Wizard is a rather technical class. Their Ki Staff can handle close-range attacks and long-range energy balls. Plus, they can summon Elementals to fight on their behalf. While they do not have many defensive skills, Wizards can use shockwaves to deflect enemy projectiles. We recommend this character class for Advanced players.

Move Move Quality Command
Ki Strike Combo A close-range three-hit combo At, At, At
Up Ki Attack A close-range anti-air attack ⬆️+At
Launch Attack The Up Ki Attack, but in midair Jump, ⬆️+At
Smash Attack A downward Ki attack while in midair Jump, ⬇️+At
Energy Ball A projectile attack that ricochets across the stage [Hold] At, Aim with ⬆️ and ⬇️, Release At to shoot
Explode Energy Ball Explodes Energy Ball, thus deactivating it Hit active Energy Ball with At
Shockwave Deflects enemy projectiles with a forcefield ⬇️+At
Summon Elemental Summons an elemental creature to fight alongside you Sp
Move Elemental Directs Elemental in the chosen direction ⬅️+At and ➡️+At [While Elemental is active]
Return Elemental Sends Elemental back to you, attacking foes in its direction ⬇️+At [While Elemental is active]
Elemental Attack Elemental punches opponents At [While Elemental is active]
Elemental Explosion The Elemental explodes and sends its foe flying. (Not a self-destruct mechanic) [Hold] At [While Elemental is active]
Elemental Jump The Elemental jumps in the air and attacks opponents in its path up and down ⬆️+At [While Elemental is active]
Deactivate Elemental Elemental disappears back into Ki staff Sp [While Elemental is active]


The Amazon class has a brief move list, making them quick to learn. However, this class takes time to master. The Chakram skill is complex, requiring precise directional awareness to wield correctly. Furthermore, the Amazon has limited defense abilities, with only a parry at their disposal. Nevertheless, Expert players looking for a challenge will enjoy playing as the Amazon.

Move Move Quality Command
Combo A three-hit combo that moves across the stage At, At, At
Up Attack A launching anti-air attack ⬆️+At
Up Attack (in air) Same as Up Attack, but in midair Jump, ⬆️+At
Dive Attack Amazon slashes at foe from above Jump, ⬇️+At
Spin Attack A spinning sword attack. Directional inputs move the spin left and right. [Hold] At and ⬅️ or ➡️
Chakram Attack The Chakram is a projectile attack that boomerangs back to you. The Chakram will hurt you if you face away from it upon its return.
  • Sp
  • ⬆️+Sp (upward Chatham)
  • ⬇️+Sp (downward Chatham)
Charged Chakram A precisely aimed Chakram attack [Hold] Sp, Aim with ⬆️ and ⬇️, release Sp to shoot
Parry The Amazon blocks the opponent's attack with their sword, then kicks them backward ⬇️+At (before opponent's attack lands)

How Can I Learn Each Character's Skills?

Knowing skill commands is helpful. Still, you'll want to know how to use these skills in practice. Therefore, you can play through a tutorial for each character in Class Training, located in the Tavern. In this mode, Gunthar, your well-meaning guide, will teach you each of your character's techniques. Completing trials with dummies will progress you to the next lesson.

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