Boyfriend Dungeon: Guide to Pocket’s Route

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Pocket is Boyfriend Dungeon's firecracker both in weapon and cat form. Don't worry, while you will never date Pocket in the same way you would the game's other weapons, you can definitely form a close bond with him over the course of your adventures at Verona Beach for the summer.

Throughout the game you will get texts from Pocket's owner, Tank, letting you know when and where the kitty will be for your hangouts. Pocket is a fun and silly cat, with a very unexpected social life. In the dungeon, Pocket becomes a set of spiked brass knuckles, and his abilities focus on immobilizing targets and exacting revenge after taking damage; quite a fun little kitty to take into the dungeon.

How To Meet Pocket

Pocket cannot be met until you have finished the first dungeon of the game. On the second floor of La Rosa (the nightclub Sunder owns), you will come across Pocket in weapon form.

After that run, check your phone for a text from Tank to see what Pocket is up to, as this will be your main way of continuing the route.

Choosing A Platonic Or Romantic Relationship

By escalating your relationship with Pocket, you will never have a chance to be romantically involved in his life, but there is a certain ending you can unlock by loyally defending the pretty kitty.

Throughout your time in Verona, you and Pocket will get up to some shenanigans. It is your job to protect him and care for him. If you do, he will reward you. If not, then you two will always have some distance between each other.

Pocket's Values

Like real-life cats, Pocket is fickle. He does not like other cats generally, as you will come to find almost immediately upon initiating his quest line. What he does love is fish, sunbathing, and boxes. And affection, but only when he wants it. If Pocket brushes up against you, don't you dare ignore him. He wants pets!

"Dates" With Pocket

While they can hardly be described as 'dates', on account of Pocket being a cat, there are a series of social excursions the two of you can go on.

Location Notes
Pacifica Park So begins your interesting friendship with Pocket. While you cannot gain romantic levels with him, Pocket is easy to befriend. Just be nice to the little kitty, and he will love you back. At one point Valeria will interrupt your "date" at Pacifica Park. Make sure to give Pocket the agency in deciding who gets to pet him, it's his choice after all.
Purradise Lost The next time you see Pocket is at the cat café in Verona, where the orange tabby is sunbathing with his fellow felines. This time, Olivia will intrude on your time together, an act that Pocket does not approve of. After she leaves, Pocket meanders outside the café, only to be attacked by a seemingly feral cat. Pocket will run away, and your date will end.
Resto Bravura Now Pocket is showing off his more mischievous side. After pulling you along to a closed restaurant, Pocket sneaks inside and begins his life of crime, stealing fish from the kitchen. He is very proud of himself. The feral cat from before comes and steals his already-stolen fish. Defend your furry friend to the best of your ability.
Verona Museum Of course, it couldn't be a relationship in this game without Eric showing up. Luckily, this time his intrusion is short, with Pocket being ruder to him than he is to Pocket (deserved). Whisk past Eric and enjoy your date with Pocket in the museum. Remember he loves fun and games, so surprising him can't hurt.
Verona Mall When you have finally earned Pocket's trust, he will reward you with a set of cute cat ears. With another confrontation with the mysterious street cat gone wrong for Pocket, Olivia bumps into the three of you. She recognizes the feral black cat as Astarte, her old roommate's cat. However, in a weird turn of events it seems as if Pocket and Astarte begin to get along after this.
Your Apartment Finally, the climax of your journey with Pocket. Astarte will show up to your apartment, and get you to follow her. There are few ways to mess up the relationship at this point, just accept their gifts and hang out with your favorite kitties.

Gift Guide for Pocket

Here are the perfect gifts for Pocket.

Loved Gifts (+75) Liked Gifts (+50) Rejected Gifts (+0)
A Dozen Red Roses Blue Lipstick Ballet Tickets
A Potted Succulent Bracelets Concert Tickets
Bouquet of Daisies Chocolate Truffles Fine Bourbon
Digital Camera Dark Eyeliner Glitter Eyeshadow
Fine Leather Gloves Fine Gold Chain Gourmet Cupcake
Fried Mackerel Mystery Novel Marskye Cologne
Love Letter Red Lipstick McQueen Perfume
Pepperoni Pizza Red Rose Opera Tickets
Racing Game Sword Cufflinks Raspberry Liqueur
Silver Ring Travel Guide Single Malt Scotch
Sneakers Vodka
Teddy Bear

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