Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Make Further Changes To Mayhem

Gearbox has issued another of its regular hotfixes to Borderlands 3, and while this update does less than some others it still makes some important fixes and adjustments. Like the last update, these patch notes continue to make fixes to the newly-revised Mayhem Mode based on player feedback.

The hotfix will be live on all platforms by noon PT / 3 PM ET on May 7. The rotating Loot the Universe event will once again swap planets, this time to Eden-6. That will last until May 14 at 9 AM PT.

The longer-term changes come to Mayhem bugs. One modifier, Galaxy Brain, would sometimes cause Graveward’s loot to become inaccessible, so that’s been addressed. Another bug was causing drop rates for loot in general to be lower than Gearbox intended.

The last update disabled two Mayhem modifiers altogether, finding they could impact the game’s performance. This follows the launch of the revised Mayhem 2.0, which stacks modifiers and increases difficulty across ten levels. Some Easy-level modifiers might actually make the game easier, while the various others make the game harder. The change also allowed players to switch their Mayhem level from the Echo menu, rather than having to board Sanctuary.

Borderlands 3 – May 7 Hotfix Patch Notes

  • Activate the Loot the Universe event on Eden-6 until 9:00 AM PST on May 14!
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Mayhem modifier Galaxy Brain could sometimes cause Graveward’s loot to drop in a location the player could not access
  • Addressed a bug with Mayhem Mode that led to lower than intended drop rates for all Mayhem levels.

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