Borderlands 3: Best Prices for Gearbox’s looter shooter and grab some VIP codes

After an extended absence, Borderlands returns this week with an incredible looking threequel. Expect billions of crazy weapons to use, insane enemies to battle, and some great comedic writing throughout.

In anticipation of launch on September 13, we’ve put together a brief guide to each version and the best prices for each. Let’s go!

Borderlands 3 Standard Edition

Hunt those vaults for less with the Standard Edition of Borderlands 3 and carve your way through all sorts of mutants and monsters in style with the gold weapon skins pack.

GAME – PS4 – £49.99 with Exclusive Mask

Amazon – PS4 – £49.99 with 5 Gold Keys DLC

GAME – Xbox One – £49.99 with Exclusive Mask

Amazon – Xbox One – £49.99 with 5 Gold Keys DLC

GAME – PC – £49.99 with Exclusive Mask

Amazon – PC – £49.99

Borderlands 3 Deluxe Edition

A step up from the Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition adds four cosmetic packs and boosts to XP and Loot Drops on top of the contents of the Standard Edition. That means your Vault Hunter can be stronger and better equipped more quickly.

GAME – PS4 – £74.99 with Exclusive Mask

Amazon – PS4 – £74.99

GAME – Xbox One – £74.99 with Exclusive Mask

Amazon – Xbox One – £74.99

Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition

With “Super” in the title, we’re expecting something special – and we’re not disappointed. In this GAME-exclusive edition, you’ll get everything from the prior editions while also getting four DLC packs in the Season Pass, and the all-important “Butt Stallion” weapon skin.

GAME – PS4 – £89.99

GAME – Xbox One – £89.99

Borderlands 3 VIP Codes

If you’re a big fan of the Borderlands franchise then you probably already know about VIP codes, but for those new to the franchise you really should go and sign up here. Doing so will allow you to redeem VIP codes towards in-game customisation options such as custom heads, weapon skins, and more.

As for where to find the codes, that’s the fun part. Gearbox have been sending the codes out to VIP program members, and you can find an excellent list (that’s constantly being updated) over at GameRant.

Other than ports and the occasional DLC, the last Borderlands title (“The Pre-Sequel”) was launched in 2014. The last numbered entry, Borderlands 2, was released in 2012 so we’re long due a continuation of the madcap antics of Vault Hunters blasting their way to fame and glory.

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