Boneworks, Alyx Make Steam's Top-Grossing VR Games In 2020

Steam’s annual list of top-grossing products are in and the VR list includes games both new and old.

Valve’s year-capping lists measure games by gross revenue and then attribute them to four tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The company has never shared the margins that actually define these categories, however.

Steam’s Top-Grossing VR Games Revealed

Still, the top-grossing apps listed in the Platinum section includes one genuine newcomer in the excellent The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which hit the platform in January. Half-Life: Alyx is also in this section, but actually already ranked in Gold in the 2019 listing based on pre-orders alone. Others like Pistol Whip graduated from Gold to Platinum, whilst most of the usual mainstays like Superhot, H3VR, Blade & Sorcery and Boneworks all keep their places.

The Gold list welcomed Population: One and The Room VR: A Dark Matter in 2020, while the full release of Until You Fall propelled Schell Games’ roguelike from Bronze to Gold. Job Simulator, Onward and Gorn ranked here too.

Silver sees Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, Thief Simulator VR and Stride join older titles like Moss, Budget Cuts and Space Pirate Trainer, while Bronze includes House Flipper VR, Virtual Battlegrounds and the decidedly less excellent The Walking Dead: Onslaught.

2021 will see big new releases for PC VR headsets that are likely to have an impact on this list, including After The Fall and Sniper Elite VR. It’s certainly going to be interested to see how these titles perform as the standalone category of VR headsets without SteamVR continues to grow in prevalence.

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