Boba Fett Is Headed To Fortnite For Christmas Eve

Hawkeye has just finished but Disney+ isn't slowing down with original shows. While the two archers managed to get through Christmas unscathed, Boba Fett is about to shake things up on Tattooine. He certainly is scathed – that Sarlaac Pit left a mark. To celebrate, Fortnite is adding a Boba Fett skin tomorrow on Christmas Eve.

He arrives at 7 pm ET (thanks, VG247) or, for the Brits reading this, midnight on December 25.

In the meantime, Fortnite has just added a couple of Spider-Man: No Way Home skins to commemorate its release – there's Spider-Man without his mask, modelled on Tom Holland, and Zendaya's MJ. You can even get a new gadget to swing around Tomato Town. Hell, you'll be able to web-swing as Boba Fett tomorrow. Talk about a crossover.

Epic Games officially announced the crossover back in November but leakers went a step further and found the outfit itself. As seen above, it has all the dents and scratches from The Mandalorian – Boba Fett went through hell to get out of that Sarlaac Pit. Even a paint job can't fix that.

However, while Boba Fett flies into Fortnite tomorrow, the show won't debut until next week on December 29. It tells the story of Boba Fett taking over Jabba the Hutt's criminal empire, ruling Tattooine's underground. He says it'll be without fear, but he also has such a bad reputation for burning people alive that Darth bloody Vader had to tell him to calm it.

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