Bloodborne PS5 and PC ports would've been announced today claim sources

Rumours suggest that not only is Bloodborne being ported to PC but that a PlayStation 5 version is also planned.

There have been rumours of PlayStation exclusives seeing release on PC for a while now. We already know Horizon Zero Dawn will come to PC later in the year, and there is belief that The Last Of Us Part 2 will follow.

FromSoftware’s Bloodborne has been a popular choice for a PC release, but none of the previous rumours have had any substance to them. Now, though, it’s looking ever so slightly more likely.

The rumours resurfaced courtesy of Twitter user Sloth Mom, who claimed to have heard the news from a trusted source.

It wouldn’t be surprising if details of the event have been leaked as a result of the delay, but this is still only one claim to go on.

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