Bloodborne: How To Complete Alfred’s Questline & Get The Radiance Rune

The protege of Master Logarius, hunter of vilebloods, Alfred presents himself amicably enough to players, but he ends up one of the most violent NPCs in the game should players follow his questline. Underneath Alfred’s smile and “friendliness” is a zealot who’s more than killing to cut a woman into pieces if it means pleasing his ideologies.

A former member of the Executioner Order, Alfred’s questline will take players deep into Cainhurst Castle – one of Bloodborne’s hidden areas. Unlike other NPC questlines in Bloodborne, Alfred’s has a unique amount of criteria to meet just to unlock everything he has to offer. It’s all worth it for the Radiance Rune, however – an incredibly useful rune which increases how much health players get from Blood Vials.

Find Alfred In Cathedral Ward

Alfred can be found relatively close to Old Yharnam in Cathedral Ward. Starting from the Lantern in Oedon Chapel, head down but take a left down the stairs by the Lonely Old Woman. Head down the series of stairs up ahead until reaching an outdoor area filled with Hunters. Instead of heading into the giant building, hook left and go up the stairs next to it (avoiding the enemy ambush in the process.)

Turn right, open the door, run through the room, and hook another right when outside. Alfred will be praying at the bottom of the staircase in front of a statue. A former Hunter himself, Alfred will ask players to cooperate with him. Make sure to say yes to be rewarded with three Fire Paper and be taught the Pray Gesture. If you’re meeting Alfred close to the start of Bloodtone, there actually isn’t much that can be done after this point. The next major trigger requires finding the Cainhurst Summons.

Complete Cainhurst Castle

The Cainhurst Summons are located inside of Iosefka’s Clinic, which can only be accessed through a shortcut in the Forbidden Woods. The Clinic is connected to a series of ladders in the Forbidden Wood swamps that lead back up to Central Yharnam. Once inside the clinic, the Summons can be found in one of the first hallways.

Once players have obtained the Summons, they must be taken to Hemwick Charnel Lane (only after the Witch of Hemwick has been killed) where the Summons will summon the Cainhurst Coach. Keep in mind, however, that dying before the Coach can take you to the castle permanently locks out Cainhurst for the rest of the playthrough.

Although Castle Cainhurst is filled with secrets players can uncover, it isn’t too daunting an area to simply run through. The snowy outdoors sections can be comfortably run through without too much trouble, the stage properly beginning once inside the castle. Bound Widows will shriek and attack the player, but the enemies inside are all manageable.

The goal once inside is to head up to the library in order to eventually reach the rooftops where players will fight Martyr Logarius. Logarius is an incredibly violent boss whose arena makes it difficult to dodge all his combos if you aren’t paying attention. After Logarius has been killed, make sure to pick up the Crown of Illusions, equip it, and enter Annalise’s throne room.

Deliver Alfred His Summons

Normally, the main purpose behind the Crown of Illusions is to allow players to kneel before Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods – the sole survivor of the Vilebloods. Instead, ignore her altogether and pick up the Unopened Summons. When brought to Alfred, this becomes his ticket straight to Castle Cainhurst.

Alfred will have since moved from his location by Old Yharnam to the connecting point between Cathedral Ward and the Forbidden Woods. Speak to Alfred in order to give him the Unopened Cainhurst Summons and he’ll thank you for the help. Players will receive the Wheel Hunter Badge along with being taught the Church Bow (Male) Gesture in exchange.

Queenly Flesh

After being handed the Unopened Cainhurst Summons, Alfred rushes over to the Castle to commit as much carnage as possible. Running through the area as usual doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary, but Annalise’s throne room is now home to a horrifying sight. Laying before Alfred is a pulsing hunk of meat labeled only as “Queenly Flesh.”

Alfred didn’t just try to kill Annalise, he butchered her completely. The fact her body pulses is proof that she’s still alive under there. When spoken to, Alfred will laugh maniacally and boast about beating the Queen of the Vilebloods into literal human pulp. With his master “canonized as a true martyr” in his eyes, Alfred teaches players the Roar gesture and goes on his way.

Return To Alfred In Cathedral Ward

Following Annalise’s slaughter inside of Cainhurst Castle, Alfred will return to the very first spot players met him in Cathedral Ward. Before Hunters can discuss what happened in the Castle, however, they’ll find Alfred’s corpse before the altar he used to pray by. Loot his body to pick up the Radiance Rune and end his questline.

Alfred’s ending might seem anticlimactic, but there’s a lot to analyze here. Did he regret the savagery he committed against Annalise to take his own life? Did he commit suicide in order to make himself a martyr? Alfred is an intensely bizarre character whose motivations utterly consume him, but that’s true of anyone in Bloodborne.

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