Black Ops: Cold War Trailer, Release Date, Campaign Details, More

A week ago, Activision started properly teasing the next entry into its Call of Duty Series – Black Ops: Cold War. An in-game teaser asked players to “Know your history”.

You can see all the teasers we’ve had so far in this video:

With that week of teases over, we’ve now got a first look at the actual game, including a release date, campaign details, multiplayer, and even confirmation that Zombies mode is back.

Here are some screenshots, via Nibel on Twitter:

And another batch via Wario64:

The game page on confirms that Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is a direct sequel to Black Ops, as we suggested in the linked article.

The official website also lists some story details, pasted in full below:

“Black Ops Cold War will drop fans into the depths of the Cold Warโ€™s volatile geopolitical battle of the early 1980s. Nothing is ever as it seems in a gripping single-player Campaign, where players will come face-to-face with historical figures and hard truths, as they battle around the globe through iconic locales like East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, Soviet KGB headquarters and more.”

Here’s the trailer:

The game will also bring back the popular Zombies co-op mode, as well as a robust multiplayer offering. The multiplayerย promises small-scale battles as well as “all out, vehicle-fueled warfare”. Whether that means an all-new battle royale mode or not isn’t clear just yet, but it looks like the core COD experience is present and correct even if there isn’t. And Warzone isn’t going away any time soon.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is up for pre-order now and will cost you $59.99, or you can pay ten dollars more for the “cross-gen bundle”, which is a nice way to say you’ll have to pay extra or buy it again to play it on your next-gen machine.

Pre-purchasing gets you Early Access to the Open Beta, as well as the Woods Operator and Weapon Blueprint in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War releases November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X when those machines launch.

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