Black Ops Cold War Has Stealthily Added A Tactical Nuke Killstreak

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has stealthily added a tactical nuke killstreak, although it’s currently only available in one mode.

Black Ops Cold War players have found that the new John McClane themed mode, Die Hardpoint, allows players to summon a tactical nuke after getting a 25 killstreak, a staple of the Call of Duty series.

As can be seen in DEXB0T’s clip, to get the tactical nuke players have to hit 25 kills without being killed themselves, wherein the option to call in a nuke will be given to the player. Once used, a countdown will appear before the nuke kills everyone on the map, the player included.

Unlike other games it won’t end the match early and instead respawns all players after being killed, which seems to fix the issues of skilled players getting the nuke early on in a match and ending it early for everyone playing.

Curiously, there are no mentions of the nuke in any of the patch notes for Black Ops Cold War and no obvious reason why it’s currently contained in Die Hardpoint only, despite the mode focusing on explosions. Treyarch haven’t yet commented on the nuke being in the game, despite several players discovering it and making clips of the nuke go viral.

The nuke doesn’t seem to be a glitch or accidental early release of some kind either, as it’s fully functional and obtainable by any player who can reach 25 kills. It’s currently not clear whether the tactical nuke will make it to other modes in Black Ops Cold War, but considering how fleshed out it is here, it’s unlikely to remain exclusive to the Die Hardpoint mode.

The tactical nuke has been a long-standing feature of Call of Duty multiplayer, ever since its introduction in Modern Warfare 2. Since then it has appeared as a secret killstreak in the Modern Warfare reboot and in Call of Duty Mobile, but hasn’t appeared in Black Ops Cold War up until now.

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