Black Desert Online Accounts That Aren’t Transferred To New Servers By May 31 Will Be Permanently Deleted

Pearl Abyss is preparing to take over the European and North American Black Desert Online servers from Kakao Games on February 24. Once the transition is complete, everything should go back to business as normal. However, if you don’t register for an account transfer before May 31, your existing account and all its data will be deleted.

The Account Transfer Registration page is now open, letting you quickly migrate your Kakao Games account over to Pearl Abyss’ servers. The two teams are “committed to making the process as smooth as possible,” although it’s a bit terrifying to know all your hard work could be deleted if you forget to take this one simple step. So – take a moment and check out the Account Transfer Registration page, otherwise, you’ll be in for a surprise come May 31.

“The Kakao Games Black Desert Online service ends on February 24, 2021, after that Black Desert Online in the European and North American regions will be serviced by Pearl Abyss,” wrote the Black Desert team. “At that time, all rights and duties related to the continuation of the service and use of personal data will be transferred to Pearl Abyss. To retain access to your account and its progression, you have to transfer it to a new platform via this page.”

You’ll also want to spend any remaining Kakao Cash on your account before February 10 – the last date Pearl Boxes will be available – as your balance will not transfer over to Pearl Abyss.

These changes apply to PC players in Europe and North America, regardless of whether you play on Steam or a standalone client. Console players, however, will be entirely unaffected by the changes, as those servers all already hosted by Pearl Abyss.

A detailed breakdown of how to transfer your data can be found on the official Black Desert website. Make sure to check it out before May 31, otherwise, your progress won’t be carried over to the new servers. To keep up with all the changes, you’ll want to start following Black Desert Online’s new Twitter account –which is already making announcements.

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