Black Desert Mobile Adds New Tamer Class, Black Sun PvP Mode

Black Desert Mobile received a huge update today, bringing with it a new class – the Tamer. Pearl Abyss also added a new PvP event called Black Sun, a dangerous new area called Hasrah Hidden Chamber, and several quality of life improvements.

Black Desert Online has had the Tamer class available for several years, but it’s just now making its way to Black Desert Mobile. This class uses the divine beast Heilang to launch devastating attacks on their enemies. She’s one of the more mobile classes in the game, too, allowing her to easily evade attacks. Tamers are a melee-oriented class and utilize a Shortsword as their main weapon and a Trinket as their sub weapon.

You can check out the new Tamer class in action below:

If you’re not keen to roll a new character, you can still take advantage of the Black Sun PvP event – which takes place every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9pm and 10pm. During this time, Elion and Hadum merge, allowing you to attack anyone who is not a member of your Guild. A few areas and features won’t be available while the Black Sun event is active – including Hadum’s Realm, Arena, Ramoness Arena, and Outlaw Mode – meaning you’re bound to see plenty of adventurers duking it out in this new PvP mode.

Once the Black Sun has set, you’ll earn rewards based on your performance. Defeating monsters and other players will increase your Black Sun Score, while you’ll lose 30% of your score if defeated. To take part in the action, keep an eye out for the Black Sun icon that will show up at the top of your screen. Once it appears, click on it to be teleported into the chaos.

A few other tweaks have been made to Black Desert Mobile outside of the new PvP mode and playable class. You’ll now be able to craft Abyssal Accessories, exchange Abyssal Accessories, enter the dangerous new Hasrah Hidden Chamber, and check out new bonus effects added to your gear.

For a full list of changes, head over to Black Desert Mobile’s full patch notes.

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