BioWare Reaffirms Commitment To Single-Player, Choice-Based Mass Effect And Dragon Age Games

BioWare is bringing in the New Year by sharing its plans for 2022 and beyond. In a blog post penned by General Manager Gary McKay, the Canadian video game company shares details about the company's culture today, how the past year has gone, and what fans can expect in the coming months. Specifically, the developer seems to be reaffirming its commitment to single-player games based on player choices.

McKay opens the blog by reminiscing on the “challenging year” that 2021 was. However, despite the challenges that events like the pandemic created for the company, it was still able to see some success with the launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition; “From the press to our fans, the feedback has been insanely positive. We’re so proud to have released one of the highest-rated games on console.” This success fueled the company to push forward despite any setbacks and has inspired them to establish a “hybrid approach to work…focused on new tech that will help maximize collaboration and communication”.

While BioWare’s next release will be the upcoming “Legacy of the Sith” expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, McKay assures fans that the company is still committed to the games that they love. Specifically, he shares that the studio is hard at work on the “next iterations” of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Teasing that there is some incredible work happening from the teams focused on these titles, McKay encourages Mass Effect fans to take a close look at the N7 Day poster saying there are “a handful of hidden treats” for fans to discover that hint at the future of the game’s universe. Meanwhile, the next Dragon Age title is being developed by a talented and veteran group of developers.

The focus on Mass Effect and Dragon Age is part of BioWare’s attempt to rebuild its reputation by reaffirming its commitment to “a single-player experience that is built on choices that matter”. By getting back to its roots, McKay hopes the studio can build back the trust of the fans and community. In delivering the games they are known for, the developer hopes to garner the same reaction Mass Effect Legendary Edition did for every new game. That is a big goal, but it sounds like the folks at BioWare are ready to put in the work.

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